How much MT does it take to collect 4000 cards, and is it possible now?

I want that unicorn ball. But if I’m gonna go for it, I might as well try and get as far as possible

It is possible but I think at this point you need a vast array of reward cards on top of everything that is auctionable.

No idea how much MT it would cost but I’d guess comfortably over 5 million. @BecauseTK would have a better understanding of how much though as he’s done it.


It’s possible. It’s been possible since I was one of the first 5 with Dirk.

The fact that they’re still dropping content after the fact makes it better.

It depends on how many cards you got.

If you’re past let’s say Alex English, you don’t need much. Maybe 5-7 million.

If you’re not even in the 3000 card territory, you’re gonna need 10 million+


I’m at like 2200 and slowly making my way towards that HOF badge pack at 2700 but don’t think it’ll be worth it by the time I get there… Everyone will have 60+ HOF by then.

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Wow 10Milli? Guess I won’t be able to do that without dropping several hundred dollars on MT lol

I’m at 255 cards. To get the rainbow ball I need the collector level balls right? What’s the estimate from here to 750?

255 to 750 is likely to be cheap, probably around 200-250k, maybe less if you are patient (buy arenas, floors, playbooks, and balls for 250 each and try and buy jerseys for 350-400 each)

to get the unicorn ball, however, you need several balls, including for example the two balls which are obtained by completing the christmas balls eat and west collections, and the pink diamond ball, which requires redeeming 3 PD token rewards, etc

That brutal hof pack is prolly the best collector level reward i have ever seen :joy:


I’ve played u before u have the logo but I just hit the 750 tokens how much my do u think it’d take to get to Clyde I have most reward jerseys all the courts and most of the season rewards

I’m at 3809 and it feels impossible to get to 4000.

How many cards do you have total?


Better than Barkley? :rofl:

What are the cheapest sets to lock?

I can clearly say yes :joy:

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How is the Diamond Contract + HOF badges pack at 2700? Some fixed badges there or random?

I am at 1850 rn, that is probably the only one I would go for, picking Iggy on the way.

it is a very good one, I did it a while ago so don’t quote me on the exact list but the 5 badges were all good.

I think they were Clamps, Limitless, Blinders (or Sniper?), QFS and Interceptor.

Or something like that, hopefully someone can confirm/correct!

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I don’t know because I never lock sets for tokens, but my best guess is that tokens costs at least 500 MTs each, probably more (750 each?)

I would strongly advice against it especially if you do it to get the Unicorn ball and you (as I understand from your previous posts) are starting from scratch and are not an MT millionaire.

I am not in front of my console and can’t check, but you probably need 1000-1200 tokens to redeem all the token rewards you need to get the award balls which are needed as part of the set to obtain the Unicorn ball, and to get there by locking sets would cost you a fortune (most likely, close to 1ml MT, maybe even more)

Just got it yesterday. Don’t remember the exact badges list, but for sure there were Clamps and Blinders

Working on reaching 4000. I want that Dirk card even though it would be totally outdated by that time. Now it’s 2700 something. Working on buying cards as cheap as possible via auction house, still have some uniforms to purchase and 1.3 m in bank and some stuff to sell like 20 diamond conracts, lots of small things like other contracts, shoe boosts and so on. I’m sure it’s not in my short term agenda but I’m not in a hurry. Some new stuff is still on the way, so we’ll see how it goes. Once I get stuck I’ll just sell it all away.

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I am at 3,457 cards with around 5.8m MT. If I get the few Base/Series1/Dynamic-R/Jerseys and cheap coaches I am missing I will get to around 3,600. So I would need around 400 Premium cards for Dirk. I have a lot of the cheaper premium players. I may end up doing it eventually as they add more cards. I do tend to sell players if I see they go up in value.

Not even sure if it’s possible right now. I could also probably sell my Giannis(46 HOF’s), Yao, Simmons for around 2 mil together. 20k mt x 400cards = 8m MT.

I finally sold the Halloween eyeball which is now the only ball I am missing. Surprised someone bought it. I put it up for 80k for 24 hours.

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I gave it a try a while ago (early April I think), got to 3,450 in cards in a couple of weeks and decided to stop and started slowly selling back

A few notes from my personal experience:

  • you get some good things along the way, including lots of tokens and a HUGE number of D shoes (around 150 of six different brands - beware that they are not auctionable and you can only keep 20 per type, I did not realise that and had to quick sell 30 in the last batch … but still 120 shoes are more than enough!)

  • you receive a good amount of cash directly (can’t remember exactly, I think I got around 400k, plus there are 500k or 750k and 3,900 cards I believe) and indirectly by selling stuff you get as a reward (essentially, D contracts and D shoe boosts plus some “indirect” money from the HOF badges)

  • the reward players (at least those I got, I stopped before English, Drexler and of course Dirk) are quite trash, with sole exception of Gary Payton, who is decent (but of course way outdated at this stage)

  • at the risk of stating the obvious, while (if you are patient) it is relatively easy to get to 3,300-3,500 cards for relatively cheap (maybe even to 3,600-3,700), the last few hundred cards are going to be horribly expensive

  • good thing is, you make A LOT of money when selling back, way more than I expected (just to give an example, I bought the vast majority of heat checks for 700-750 MTs and am easily reselling for 1,000-1,500, bought most golds for 550-650 and am reselling some for 950-1100 and some from the old sets for 1800-2500; a lot of the premium cards (Ame and Ds), if you pay a minimum of attention when buying and selling can net a few thousands each, etc.)

  • building up is good fun (sort of), selling back is terribly boring.