How much money to pull every card in new showtimes

Did you guys buy all the players or how much money did it take to pull everyone?

You’re not pulling all of them unless your pack luck is on some legendary shit. But, if you do pull Rashard Lewis that sets gets extremely cheap

I think I paid around 300k for everybody in the set except Shard

I spent a little over 200k in Mt on packs and pulled C Webb (2x) and Jimmy paid about 200k for Shaq and got Rashard for around 900k
So in total was about 1.3 mil as pulled all the other cards sans I think hot rod who was dirt cheap

just buy MT. this question doesn’t make sense because there’s no amount of VC that will guarantee pulling all of the cards: it’s random.


Well I understand that just want to see what type of money I would have to put in

i bought 3 10 packs.

Got Magic, 3 Jimmy buckets, and 1 shaq.

That is of course very lucky i feel, i wouldnt expect everyone to get those in 30 packs.

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you’ll likely never replicate that

Very negative answer but I know it’s real

but that’s the point of what i’m saying. you’ll never how much money you have to put in to get all the cards: there’s an extremely wide range of outcomes because odds are low and it’s randomized.

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