How much lag

Do you experience in a typical online game of TTO or MTU?

I play mostly offline, and would consider myself a slightly above average player. I can beat the all time NBA squad on all time domination by 20+ points regularly. I know almost every freestyle in the game, and the entire playbook that I run most often.

I watch dribble and post tutorials and can do advanced dribble combos and hit post hop shots consistently.

I have a god squad of the most expensive auctionable opals, and I pair them to have an extremely balanced squad that matches my play style.

Despite all that…

In any online game, the lag I experience renders me completely unable to compete. The shot timing for every player is so bad that I cannot hit a shot. Cannot hit a free throw. I typically shoot 50% from 3 in all time domination on superstar difficulty but online shoot about 25%.

On defense, my players are so thoroughly stuck in the mud that most awful, repetitive, clueless cheesers just blow past me every single fucking time. Or zig zag until they get open behind the 3 point line. And the response time of my controls is so poor I can’t do a fucking thing about it. (I know how to adjust all defensive settings to combat 3 point cheese—switching picks, going over picks, play tight, extend pressure—nothing fucking works).

I am either the worst player in this entire forum, or have an unusually bad issue with lag. At this point I don’t fucking know, but the online part of this game is unplayable.

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Well whats your internet like then ?

yea the online experience for me def feels like my players are “stuck in the mud” all the time. 1 out of 15 games it feels smooth. I have great internet and am hard wired to the modem.


Input lag has been an issue since the dawn of the 2k servers my man. I don’t experience the severity of how you apparently have it, but the lag definitely hinders my ability to play this game online.

And it’s just the little things that expand into massive problems. I end up passing to an extra recipient when I was wide open under the rim for a dunk, but the lag caused me to pass it back out. The lag will obviously put you out of position to make plays on both ends of the court. Yes, the shot timing can be hindered by lag too, often netting me very early or very late releases even though my muscle memory is not damaged in any way lol, I know my players shooting releases.

Triple threat online is impossible to on-ball D for me personally, just because I don’t appreciate having to wait an extra half second for my player to respond to my button commands.

I know your pain, maybe not to your level, but I don’t live in an area where spectrum or other forms of fast ass internet are available. What I have isn’t the greatest, but I don’t think it should hinder me to declare online 2k unplayable. I can play other games like Madden & Rocket league & GTA just fine with my internet.

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Yah some games are way different then others.

I’m paying for the providers “medium level”’internet which is supposed to run up to 300 mbs

I am connecting wirelessly

Would it help at all to plug an Ethernet cable straight into the PS4?

I’m at a loss to explain this. It’s like every single person I play has a better connection than I do. Or I am just the worst player ever.

Absolutely. I moved my xbox to different room. I was hardwired previously. I had no lag issues with wifi, for like 2 weeks then it started to lag like crazy. To the point i had to buy extender and wire it again, no issues from there on out.

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So incredibly frustrating. I go to great effort to learn skills and strategy in this game, and make thoughtful efforts to improve. And get fucking destroyed by people running the same play over and over because my players move 2 secs after I press a button.

In general this is the laggiest game online you’ll ever find. You need to have very good connection to even have a connection lol. Try to wire it. If that dosent help you might think about having a new, better internet. I have fiber optic and it still does not feel smooth.

Thanks for the info :+1:

What a fucking joke these servers are

I’m so used to having smooth control inputs and quick response times from playing offline that even if I can improve my connection to experience only slight lag, I’ll probably still get my ass kicked by people who are used to the input delay.

Once you got decent connection with less lag you should be able to improve and get better. Also Yao Ming can sort all and any kind of issues i just kill people online with him and there no a single thing they can do about it. My whole game used to be around KD (trailing 3’s/plays). But Yao can do so much and much more.

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Idk what happened ever since opal moses dropped ive been lagging ever since on 2k

Reinstalled the game and everything

Moses was just too much juice for the servers to handle :fire::fire::fire:

with the game 3.99$ on sale many many new players and servers can’t handle so its even more laggy.

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Good point