How much juice does 2k19 have left?

When does it usually end ? With the game being much better will people still ball hard till next release or yall done in summer ?

June is finger snap time.

Ends after nba Finals. Some people will continue to play, but most start selling off and moving to other games till 2k20. This game has maybe 3 months left at its peak. After that it will either be all 99 everything cards or they won’t maintain it at all.


Depends on if they give us content on the way out the door or give us no supermax /mtu content at the end like last year. Duo packs dropped and nothing left afterwards

I was skeptical at first that the game would have a short life span . But with how accessible Elite players are I can see the game playing longer then originally expected

Last year they kept pressing on into August. Not sure if I’ll stay around that long this year. Might hang it up early summer and sell off my MT. Hopefully they drop some decent names before blowing the whole thing up

MLB the Show releases tonight. Not sure if that will make any noticable difference on the PS4 side.

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Imagine still pulling rubies in August try get a pd

If they milk it like last year, expect stupid player ratings and some type of pack that doesn’t expire for a month. They want that almighty dollar

If it wasn’t for the VC glitch, this would be the best year of MyTeam for me.

I was very skeptical about the token reward players but some of them ended up being very solid! I still run Mutombo and Hill who were available day one!

They managed to make the locker code a very even chance for everybody with the ball drop so that people outside the US are not longer disadvantaged in that aspect.

The gameplay has significantly improved and it makes actually still fun to play without the blow bys of last year. Even that GO Giannis is not unstoppable at pg if you know how to defend so big shot ou to 2k for that.

I’ll play probably till end of July :slight_smile: will play 2k20 too for sure


If it wasn’t for the VC glitch, this would be the best year of MyTeam for me.

If it wasn’t for the VC glitch, this world be the worst year of MyTeam for me.

Fixed that for you.


It’s my honest opinion and there’s really no need to fix anything about :slight_smile:

But let us know who’s the best ruby you pull from the KD packs

This is where I give madden a nod, footballs been over for almost two months and they still pump out content almost daily, once the finals MVP card is out the game is officially dead, no content is released after that, mtu won’t be updated with monthly reward players, with that being said tho that’s how they try to get ppl to buy 20, which since I commute myself to the Giannis grind I won’t be getting 20 but might come back for 21 once they kill the servers on 19

I’ll be playing on and off until they shut the servers down unless they make some drastic changes to the MyTeam mode.

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I’ll be playing 2k19 well into August this year. After the Giannis grind, I’m getting my time/money’s worth. I doubt I go so hardcore in 2k20. The EQ makes having a god squad pretty pointless. What’s the point of having everybody with 90+ 3 ratings if nobody can hit shots the whole game because of the EQ?

It wasn’t as bad as last year’s EQ until very recently. What happened? The power level increased. Now we’re back to 2k18 EQ. Pass!

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They will advertise crazy improvements like they did with smarter ai defense which obviously was a lie other than offball steals with cards

I’m really bored

Smart to probably start hanging it up early if you want to sell off your MT. Last year they absolutely killed the value of all cards with locker codes. Magic went from over a million to 50k overnight.

That’s why I’ll rely on 2KG over 2K. I’ll also hold off until Christmas to see if the changes stick, or if things get reverted. I’m on to their fuckery.

What killed me the most this year was the shot contest change that made the game for two whole days perfect then went right back