How much is diamond Curry worth?

He is still going for 160k mt on PS4 right now. I have put in 120k MT bids a couple of times but it is easily outbid. Considering bidding more but wondering if I should wait.

He is about to be out of packs. Do you think his price is going up, down or staying at it’s current price after he is out of packs? Seems like it would go up but Jokic’s price has just gone down since he left packs.

Don’t ever compare Jokic to Curry again

His card will hold value or go higher until his pink diamond card is released IMO

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His price will probably stay fairly consistent. He’s way more popular than Jokic both in real life and in the game.

Jokic is not Curry. If you want him get him now. He’s easily worth 150-170 the card is a glitch. He carried me through 12-0 in mtu. We won’t see a pd anytime soon unless he drops 60, it’s just way too early.

I expect him to bounce back to around 175-190 when he’s out of packs.

He was going for 130 last night around 4 a.m. EST

Yea I paid 133 for mine two nights ago with gold stopper. Worth that and then some.

Keep clicking that bin refresh. I did for 10 mins and got one for 97k lol.

Got mine out a pack but he’s easily worth 160-200K. Card is a beast

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So I ended up getting him for 142k mt. Definitely killer offensively. Well until the servers started lagging. Weird that he only has a 40 steal rating.

He’s a god especially off dribble. I hardly even take standing shots with him anymore only when he’s offball. Fist 92 side or high wide something forget the name but it’s a high pick and roll play with everybody cleared out, they’re so fucking deadly with him.

The steal rating is no issue for me I stick him on the spot up shooter mostly everybody’s running one with no postgame. I sick Wallace on the opposing pg lol

PS4 or XB1?

I sold one for 174k yesterday,ps4.

I got mine on day 2 for 121k. Gonna try to snag one, or more to flip when he’s out of packs.