How much does the Throwback collection/20th Anni Collections cost?

I’ve got 13 Tb sets locked. None of the Anni players or sets locked besides Curry.

Is 2.5mil enough?

If you on Xbox that will get you the anni set but not enough for both throwbacks prices are high

I calculated the Anni set being 1.8mil and the remaining Tbs I need 800k save for a few players that aren’t on the AH. So would cost 2.6-7 8 mil most likely. Not sure if Brons worth that push. I’ll prob wait for Anni 3 superpacks.

In the past two or three days I did 75% of the throwbacks and the first two anniversary collections. And it cost me like 2 million on PS4. And that was with waiting a little and finding decent prices for a lot of the players.

The only JJ Barea’s I saw were bid’s for like 100k which didn’t sell. Then I think the same guy put it up for 500mt bid and I got it for 65k at the end. Definitely the most expensive historic player. Some others went for like 30k. I paid 140k for PD Kobe which sucked. I could have waited for a cheaper price but he was literally the last card I needed.

I definitely should have just collected all the throwback players as they came out in packs. Or at least the cheap ones. Would have saved a lot of MT.

I only completed all these to get the three 99 everything players. I already had MJ from tokens. And I had Lebron from MT. I sold Lebron for the price needed to finish up those collections. I got Kobe for the first time and damn does he seem not worth it unless I can somehow figure out his shot. 2k is just stupid lol. I can green 3’s easily with Opal Shaq and with 99 everything Opal Kobe it’s brick brick brick.

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How many Tb teams did you have completed prior to locking them, none? Looks like my estimations are pretty close then right and in total it’d cost like 2.6-8mil for everything?

Sucks about Kobe yea his shot just seems slow to me. I’d be doing it for Bron as I already have MJ and wouldn’t have enough for Kobe and would be pretty bottomed out anyway. I’d do it for Bron and probably Scal. Lol

pull the throwback packs

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I just remembered I had like 10 or 11’ish completed total in my collection. Only around 6 locked in. A month or two ago I bought some of the cheapest ones at the time. So the ones I bought in recent days were the most expensive ones.

I remember I had like 1.84m mt when I started finishing the first two anniversary collections + I guess around 19 or 20 historic collections. I ran out of MT before finishing. I sold Limited Lebron and used some extra MT to get the Barea and PD Kobe/Bird at the end. So yea it was probably slightly more than 2mil MT. I already had the 3rd anniversary completed which is the most expensive.

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