How much do you think goat pg lebron, and goat giannis will go for?

I’m hoping nothing over 2 mill

Depends when packs drop and how common people are

Lot of people are done


800k imo

i doubt we’ll see cards settling for over one mil from now on


Even if a card was worth that much people won’t spend that much for a card to use for 3 weeks :sweat_smile:


They probably be a lot within the first 4 hours. But I’m just so done with content. Ppl who got the goat cards are in shamble for the hopes of a collection reward

maybe people still hoarding mt who knows i definitely don’t

Yeah I saved 2.5 mil for PG LeBron I just don’t think there is any way he settles for more than that

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I don’t even know the purpose for all these goats :goat: smh :expressionless:

300k :thinking:

People will be playing this game much longer than 3 weeks. A lot of people are gonna play until next gen.


500-600K at the most

I love DIEGO


That’s true but still doesn’t warrant paying 3 mil for a card lol. The majority of people will be moving onto 2k21 on release day because the gameplay on 2k20 is a dumpster fire

If 2k does what they did with last year with the perfect cards theybwill be cheap and it will crash the market for good. Last year thee perfect cards were popping at around 1 in every 8 packs.

500k max, but probably closer to 200k.