How much do you need to have best players available?

Just curious, do you have that urge to get that next best thing or youre happy with how things are and dont upgrade too often ?

Only upgrade if a card on the market is visibly broken or OP or if its a player i personally like for instance Tmac


There’s certain cards I will always get when they come out. Jokic, Kiki and Steph are the only 3 must haves for me that have been released. The rest of my lineup is made up of reward cards. Waiting on that Alex English next, saving up until then.

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Every player in my lineup is “free”.

I spent most of the mt i made locking collections and it was a grind since i havent bought vc this year. Now ill just take it slow, save my mt and wont rush to Wilt. From now on ill propably buy players to use like BG when i gather the mt.

I used to get every diamond they released until jokic. After that I saw that Steph had hof badges so I decided unless I wanna burn through my pocket I gotta stop buying every diamond. So now I only buy the players I really like unless I see one for a snipe

That is a huuuuge quote ‘free’!! Lol

I rather like to keep players longer-used to them and replaced them with upgraded versions.
I’m running ~all time Knick’s atm, and just checking some interesting, cheap players for the bench- like this Darius Miles lately.

Enough good cards on the market already.

I really believe they nerf the attributes on the background of old cards so you will be forced to upgrade

No desire. To me it isn’t fun playing with super OP cards

At this point it isn’t necessarily about upgrading for me, but finding the right unit that I’m completely comfortable with in every situation that the opponent throws at me (big PGs, Giannis at Center, etc) & also like using the player & the way he meshes with the unit…

I’m close to that point :grinning: shoutout to @MINIMJ1523 for showing me that Stockton can’t be in my lineup


I usually buy the diamonds the night they come out. Buy them cheap (3/4 am). Try them out. Then sell and usually make a profit. But any raps cards that are released i usually get asap. Although im not running carter cuz gay is better. But gay technically was a rap :slight_smile:

Until CWebb, I am just buying everything.

But generally I only get players I like irl or dont mind. Will never use/buy Harden, Melo, CP3, TMac, Vince, Westbrook unless I need them for a collection.

I usually can’t afford anything so I developed a mindset where 2K can drop anyone and I don’t get excited at all. The only players I know I will want are my favourites, so a diamond/pink diamond Curry and diamond Payton.

Otherwise I am happy getting lower tier players even months later than their first release.

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I’m pretty happy with my line up, always liked Oscar , very tempted to get Granger

Also would like a center

Don’t need the newest but I do want to use who I like

I could have this same team if i sell these diamonds in my squad but ill probably have no MT after. I like try new guys to tho. I think by Christmas ill lock the sets to get all the PDs