How much do y’all spend on this game?

It’s too damn easy to blow money on this game with the amount of content they release. How often do you guys buy new packs when they come out? Thinking about how much I’ve spent this year makes me sick to my stomach lmao

$100 first week to begin my collector grind that’s it

Never buy packs


I’ve spent $5 this year

i’ve spent 100€ this year

I spent $20. Might spend another $10-20 when the craziest promo drops at end game like last year’s Dynamic Duo packs.

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I only bought the game for 67€ back in October. I might spend some money on duo packs in the future.

I spent a lot in 2019 though.

There are people here that could have literally bought nice cars with what they’ve spent on this game.


Time is also money. Ijs…we’re ALL spending one way, or the other. Time is actually more valuable then money, because you can’t make it back.


10$ on a gift card.

I spent $1 and pulled GO LeBron, Shaq, and MJ off a single.

Joking of course, but I find people often do not want to admit how much they’ve actually spent.


Do you really think so? Idk about that…a really nice car? Lmao



I have a limit. I was a strict budget baller every year until 2k19.


I’ve spent around 2500/3000€ in NBA2K in the last years. So I guess this is really possible.

Amen. I’m not getting any younger over here. I ain’t grinding a damn thing lol…

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You can drive off a car lot in just about about any car if you put down $10K+.


@element any words ole chap?

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Besides YouTubers who here has possibly put $10k in this game though? :flushed:

Same here, that’s sort of my limit, I can’t justify going over that, that’s for ME, of course if others spend more $$$ there’s no problem; we all spend the amount we feel comfortable spending

That being said, It doesn’t bother me much that I’m spending money on the game, we all have busy lives and stuff to do and when we get home, if we have this sort of go to hobby or game we can resort to to pass time or relax, I don’t think you can put a specific price on that, you’re spending on yourself pretty much