How much better is Opal Kawhi over the PD?

I really enjoy using the PD and want to upgrade. I haven’t had any luck sniping one, so it looks like I might actually have to buy him at retail.

Galaxy Opal Kawhi owners: is there a noticeable difference from the PD?

I would have to sell some stuff to get him… like Opal MJ who is my starting point guard off the bench. Is that crazy? I’d like to hear yall thoughts

He will get 1 more card w HOF limitless I would bet. Once that drops, his GO will be 200k. I’m waiting till then.

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Solid point… thanks bro

Absolutely noticeable difference. The Opal is indeed another level.


go plays like real life. Can bully basically anyone in the post. I was tearing pg 13 GO A new asshole my first game lol

Only.thing he is missing is limitless

Great card
Def can run a whole offence through him if u want


I’ve been hitting limitless with him a lot though, especially with takeover.

I like him even more than PG13, he’s truly a monster at that 2 spot.

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I feel a difference in ball handling, shot creating, post game and defence. I wouldnt sell Jordan because i like him too much but if youre not using him extensively then why not.

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I have built my whole team around this one card. He may get another opal, maybe… But this card art is sick and on the game 7 winner. If you’re planning on getting the card I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to pick him up. This card is a W.

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both clamps but the Opal seems so hustle more on the defensive end.

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Depending on what comes Friday he could be 200k this week

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Unless kawhi is finals MVP or another moment worthy game I highly doubt he gets another opal

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Incredibly likely the latter happens given how the raps have played.

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If you can’t wait or think there won’t be a new kawhi wait till after tonight’s new cards to drop we’ve had a few opals Centers drop next could be a few guards/wings which will lower his price :blush:


Well damn…lol. So I’m definitely going to get him now, the only question is when.

And would it be crazy to sell Opal MJ to do it? If he drops to 200k I could get him without selling anybody… but if not, would any of yall sell MJ or try to find another way

And thanks for all the feedback yall!!

Called it get yourself a cheap Kareem/drobb

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I have Biceps, but I’m saving for Klaw. Too bad his price still high as me last night lol. I’ll give it some time tho

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Does the PD and GO have the same release?