How much better is Limited Bron over Unlimited?

I’m trying to decide between Bron or MJ. Is limited Bron THAT much better than the unlimited?

The unlimited already has hof limitless and dimer so I’m kinda leaning MJ.

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If a few post badges, ankle breaker, rim protector and hof rebounder are worth a shitload of tokens for you, then go for it.
Imo, neither limited Lebron or MJ are worth the huge price tag.

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I’m w perke on this one. The price of the limited is 2+ galaxy opals and the new opals they dropped are OP so idk if it’s worth it.

Is one limited worth an opal VC, butler, AND PD sabonis? Idk

Jordan is depending on who you already have. Tmac is better than butler and VC imo

At this point I don’t want to know if it’s worth it or not. I want some things and I get them.

The 2016 Lebron was one of the most unstoppable player I ever seen. I need him in my lineup

If I don’t play with my favorite players right now, I will never do


Just upgraded from the unlimited Lebron to the limited for 2mil MT. First impressions is that it isn’t a huge upgrade. I think he feels stronger in the post? As he should with 99 strength. I think people will probably be less likely to try to go at him in the post on a switch with his 99 strength/low post defense.

If I am being honest the biggest thing I like about him is the sharp takeover instead of I think playmaker that he has with the unlimited. I always love the Slash/Sharp takeover duo. His shot feels the same. Can’t green it regularly, so sharp takeover definitely helps.

I wouldn’t really recommend the upgrade. Depends if you can use the resources(Tokens/MT) to upgrade in other places as this is not a huge upgrade. TBH it’s 90% flexing LOL.

I am fine with it since I had a lot of MT and I liked my current team. I feel like the game is pretty much over and there wasn’t really anyone out there that was going to upgrade my team much. Might as well spend my MT before 2k20 is out. I still have 1.2mil mt in case of Opal Durant. And only need about 60 tokens for 1750. And I still need to sell the unlimited Lebron and possibly Yao now that I have Shaq.

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Yea I used tokens to get LeBron and MJ. I don’t think it’s worth it if tokens could get you any other upgrade. If you have 3k tokens and you still have a lot of MT then there are AH alternatives that are better than all of the reward opals. So if you have tokens and none of the rewards are upgrades (i.e. your team is already stacked) then I think there are some nuanced improvements like you mentioned.

Bron feels about the same. Like you said a little stronger. Also with sharp takeover he gets into takeover quicker if you take 3s with him.

MJ feels like a much better shooter with the limitless on HOF. Also I’ve hit even more crazy contested layups than I did with the unlimited.


If you compare the stats Lebron’s unlimited signature card is only 79 attribute points less than the limited. Of course it’s 10 more HOF badges but the unlimited has all the important ones already.

Limited MJ has 181 more attributes than the unlimited but has HOF
Limitless added in hose extra 10 badges which makes him a better upgrade.

Limited Kobe has 209 more attributes and has the biggest difference between the two versions stat wise.


I agree that it isn’t the best option if you compare the limited to the unlimited

But MJ would be useless to me really. He would be on the bench, playing few minutes

You run all bigs or something?

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Nope, but my PG spots are locked, and neither Kobe or Mike can play SF, too short. And I refuse to put one of them on the bench

Came to write similar things, leaving in peace now lol.

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It’s like night and day to me. I hated the unlimited version and sold him twice. He was basically invisible- producing maybe 5 points a game. The limited is crazy good- makes every shot, dunks all over people, steals passes. This is the true LeBron.


no difference really since in MTU cheesers play all 7 foot C’s and bron/kobe/mj wont be able to defend that

I don’t think I’ve ever faced such a lineup :slight_smile: Where are you based?

There is also rarity we didn’t mention. MJ ltd is the rarest ltd signature :nerd_face: You can buy other 2 easier from ah.


Biggest difference is takeover with lbj

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australia. only a few players and most of them cheesers

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I was considering MJ or Kobe but at the end of the day LeBron is 2 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier. He was guarding Shaq at PG earlier today for me.