How much are you willing to pay for a plain george gervin on xbox?

When should I put him up and for you card collectors, how much are you willing to pay?

Are there any up ?

If not 100k is a good price to put it up at

@raptorsbenchmob barely any ever up and it’s a rare card for collectors, so if i put it up for 100k how much do u think i’d get?

100-130k probably

@Michaeltom if i want to sell gervin for as much as possible, when should I put him up?

1-3 pm probably that’s usually when cards go for the most

@Michaeltom tomorrow?

He wont go for more than 100k. I’ve watched that card go w no bids at least 30 times.

only people whos going for giannis will buy him. i havent seen gervin in mtu since he was released lol.