How much are HC sets on average?

I need 20 sets for Wilt. I’m wondering how much that would that cost me?

Way too expensive, trust me

Wait until you only have like 10 sets to lock

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Big batch moments coming, so maybe HC crash a little bit. You need to snipe

Yeah they’ll go down a little but the rare ones generally stay in the same range. Not enough people opening those packs

Ive completed them all except Warriors…I would say I took my time & got all of them lower than “retail” & would guess each one is anywhere from 60-100k depending if you have one of the expensive ones to buy (Giannis, Bron, AD, etc…).
100% not worth it, but I enjoy the chase to get Wilt.

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@BasketballNeverStops Around 40k per set if you snipe and bid on cards instead of going berserk with BIN. Average price of course. Don’t do the Bucks, Warriors and Blazers.

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To find a set for 40k, you would have to be one patient person willing to search the auction house for weeeeeks. I was that person & not once did I complete a set for 40k.

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@IIIBISCUITSIII Let me clarify my calculation as I don’t want to be misleading. I completed 25 HC collections starting from scratch and it took me roughly one million MT to do so. Before the start of project “Wilt” I had 2,1 mil and decided that I must have over 1 mil left when I’m done. I finished at 1,1 mil and 1,050 mil after I bought the shoe for him. It was pretty intense, but nothing crazy- I got plenty of cards for 1,2K or less, quite a few for less than 3K, most of them for under for 4K and some of them for crazy prices like 10 or 12K (fortunately, only a handful, as I was growing impatient towards the end). I guess it took me around 15-20 hours altogether. Maybe it helps to live in Europe as I could utilise the time difference.


Either way its not worth it for 1 card.

It is for me. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but for me it’s more than a card- it’s peace of mind that I don’t have to ‘grind’ through challenges, TTO and what not for months to come to get him. I’d rather pay a million than hope for lucky ball drops, 2k giveaways, etc for a long time

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We just don’t agree for shit

@marekdab What system are you on?

Man I do want Wilt and I haven’t finished dom so yea I was getting pretty impatient. But, Hakeem is almost making me not even be in a rush to go for him. I hadn’t played much mtu since getting him the first night. I’ve ran around 6 games or so since then and he’s a freaking god. I know they are totally different and Wilts more of a brute force drop step get in transition dunk on you guy, guessing his hooks solid too? The athleticism and rebounding is an upgrade for sure.

This Hakeem is an offensive monster though with the best animations. He’s lights out from deep. I been dropping 30-40+ with him every game and just been making people quit. They don’t know what’s coming the fade, the drop step, the hook, the postspin or up and under. I’ve even been doing step backs out of the high post once they are scared for their life backing away into the basket and splashing the jumper. Lol. It’ll be hard to bench him I’m pretty much falling in love with him. I’ll keep sniping HC cards here and there and see how it goes.

@BasketballNeverStops I’m on PS4. It sounds like you enjoy playing in the post and don’t rely on transition scoring that much. In that case you may be perfectly happy with Hakeem. Wilt is just a perfect fit for me and my play style. I don’t have Hakeem yet (went 11-1 last try) so I cant really compare the two, but I suppose the only advantage Hakeem has over Wilt is outside shooting (although Wilt seems to be making everything) and perhaps the post animations. Other than that, Wilt is a clear winner.
Edit: Hakeem has defensive stopper and Wilt doesn’t (which is a bit of a bummer).

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I like a fast pace style and getting out on the break as well that’s why I want both. You’ll see though Hakeem plays way above his numbers. He feels so unstoppable a straight glitch. Gl on your next run.

Thanks! Sounds like I need to grab him as well, although I already have Mutombo and Duncan.