How many year have YOU played MyTeam?

This is just my second year of MyTeam (started in Feb. of last year due to the VC glitch)

Once you learn to take this game with a grain of salt and understand it has some major flaws, you can enjoy it for the most part. My questions for those of you that have played for multiple years:

  1. How many years have you played?

  2. What keeps you coming back to the mode?

3. Does it get old re-starting the grind each year for (mostly) the same cards etc.?

  1. Would it make sense to grab the game on sale around black Friday or Xmas next year for cheap

I’ve really enjoyed this year’s game being able to start from day 1 and do things right with my MT / prioritizing the my grind. I still get hyped when new cards drop and I get to test them out and update my squad. HOWEVER…

I am a little fatigued with the 5v5 game play and the inevitable cheese that comes with it each year. Also, the pathetic rewards cards put a damper on my motivation to grind. If I got the game next year I think I’d:

  1. Get it around black friday or Xmas for cheaper, let the game work out all the kinks (horrible kinks to start this year!)

  2. Buy some MT and get the Meta cards that’re out by December

  3. completely skip the relatively pointless domination / offline grind (save that energy for possible spotlights or whatever they have that can be ACTUALLY rewarding)

Sorry for the long post / thinking out loud, but wanted to get a sense of how ppl keep the game fresh year after year or if you go for collector level one year or test new things out?

Updated EDIT: Thanks for all the responses, it definitely gives some good perspective on the multi-year look of 2K. I agree with some of you that 2K20 was already a big leap ahead of '19 (position locks were huge, and I actually like the no-badging etc.)

As much as I wonder if it gets old, it is true that each game will have a new Meta, new historic players giving their rights, and it is fun to start from scratch and go “along for the ride” with the community on here.

I’m not sure how the new systems will affect 2K but I will probably be too hyped to wait until months after launch to pick up the game. I guess as the years go on I’ll probably become less addicted to it (which is good!). Cheers.

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Collecting cards
Best time to play is September through end of the year, so no

  1. 2k14
  2. Basketball fix
  3. No the game is different every year

2-3)It keeps boring year after year (that’s why i skipped 2k19)
4)Yes ( but i’m planning to buy it on PC due to next gen release+ PC market is way better for a NMS player)

  1. I’ve played for so many years I can’t remember when I started(some rotating shitty carousel of players was the first mode played)

  2. I have no life

  1. Since the players popped out of gold boxes.

  2. Team Building, Playing the market.

  3. No. Every year is a new meta I don’t use the same cards every year. That keeps the mode fresh for me.

  4. You mean is better to start late? Sure. I started at the All Star Break last year and played until 2k20. This year I might play the whole cycle and start at the ASG next year

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It did when I spent a good bit of money buying packs/MT, but I quit all that. I spend less every year…maybe $200 this year when I’m bored & drop $20 on packs from time to time. I hate that the $ goes to those greasy bastards at 2k

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15 ,16,17,19

from 2k17 ( which was great at the time) to 2k20

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Dabbled in MyTeam in 2K14, didn’t really touch again until 2K17 and spent most the year playing Gauntlet and not really bothering with collecting. 2K18 collected a bit but hated SuperMax so never really played much either.

Went all the way in on 2K19 - but started late around December w/ the PD LeBron debacle, put in tons of $$$, collected just about every card, had GO Giannis in mid April or so and did literally everything that could be done.

This year, started from day one, have spent some $$ but significantly less and am definitely feeling the game mode getting a bit stale. The collecting aspect is still there, but 5 on 5 gameplay is not as fun when only 1 in 10 games is competitive due to poor matchmaking, and something about triple threat is getting old. I think grinding so many TTOffline games kinda killed TTOnline for me.

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Since the inception of the myteam concept where players came out like plastic figures from a shitty yellow box

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2. Ball is life. I mostly play solo, and randoms get old on park/pro-am
3. Very old. But it’s also nice learning the tricks of the game cycle so that it’s always easy keeping up. I do wonder how long until I’m completely over myteam though.
4. Sure, if you don’t want to play basketball before then. I just need my only basketball game at launch every year.

Back in my day Laphonso Ellis was considered a gold legend who was in the same pull pool as Bird Magic and Jordan.

We have come a long way.

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i remember pulling jordan what a memory back on the 360 where you could sell players for vc

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This is my second year. I just enjoy the offline grind and building a God squad. No desire to play MTU. I enjoy the spotlights, domination, tto offline and the challenges.

I play for the basketball fix.

I don’t care about the overpriced OP cards. My goal is to keep just enough MT on hand to get through each spotlight, secure the reward then sell the cards back and do the next spotlight.

I don’t find dom pointless as we have estimated about 5000 MT/ win. That’s like a half million MT sitting in that board waiting to be mined.

Oh and I enjoy the budget gods in the AH as well. Jamal Wilkes is such a stud for me in the offline grind and is the antidote to the CPU 2 guard studs (TMac especially - don’t wanna let him catch fire).

I feel like 2K this year has really catered to players like myself, giving us studs for free (like evo Kidd, Pd giannis) and then cheap guys in the AH that we can run on our budget squads like Wilkes.

So yea A+ for 2K this year. Very different feel from last year, where they waited until the end to give us the cards we wanted:


Yea but laphonso ellis

2k14 pulled emerald Lebron early and used him alot but thats all I remember lol

  1. Played since 2k15 and always do nms.
  2. I love the concept of building a team, team customization and making progress/upgrades through grinding. I also like grinding my way to grow my mt/token points to afford beast player in endgame.
    Although the gameplay is always not perfect, i still enjoy grinding some online/offline content. I would say this year has a great offline/grinding content of all 2k’s since it has evo cards/spotlight challenge and easier to obtain mt just by playing.
  3. it feels like it but making the progress from scratch through the end of 2k year personally feels fun from me.
  4. It always great to get the game cheap. but I personally always want the game at first game and do a grind marathon lol and sell all something valuable in early game. also if you get 2k late some myteam rewards is already outdated and makes some of the offline grind less rewarding but theres gonna be a lot of good beast auctionable budget cards on midgame every year.
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I joined myteam late in 2k17

The idea of building a team around certain players that I feel like should be unstoppable is what keeps me coming back

It doesn’t get old for me, I always find a way to get LeBron and after that building a team around him is the fun part

I’d recommend getting the game day 1, just to build that foundation, 2k popular as hell, day 1 ppl will set the meta and if u get in late it’s going to be hard trying to catch up to it

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Since 2k16 but I wasn’t as into it as I am now. My favorite year was 2k17, I loved the defense in that game. I just put together a mostly HOF clamps lineup and its kind of giving me 2k17 vibes

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