How many tokens from final game of Historic & All Time Dom?

Anyone know? They don’t show ahead of time and trying to see if I’ll have enough for two opals if I finish Historic tonight. Thanks!

just the final game of each? can check now

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Thanks man!! I appreciate it

Actually is it the same amount of tokens for each of for the final three games? So Historic final game you showed was 23 tokens, is it 23 for the East and West Historic games as well?

let me check when i get out of this tto game

Historic East 3/5/8
Historic West 3/5/8
Historic NBA 5/8/10

Alltime East 5/10/12
Alltime West 5/10/12
Alltime NBA 5/12/24

@element, couldnt post more than 3 consecutive replies :rofl:

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side note. my pippen got his stats but he didnt do well. albeit only my second game

got blocked by PD wade on layups most of my other guys make easily

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It is a GRIND but I believe it will be worth it, keep at it!

Thanks for checking man that helps me plan things out. Appreciate it

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Pippen is not a guy to force offense with, at least not the PD. However, to EVO him you kind of have to do exactly that lol. In Domination I just score when I can with him and try to average at least 30 PPG on volume even if he’s not shooting a high percentage

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yea i finished the highest stages in dom for tokens when i was going for drob early but havent finished all of them.

wanted to try him in TTOn to see if it works but i guess it wont. back to TTOff/dom and rookie dom i go