How many Tokens does everyone have?

Currently at 1365 and went from 600 to that this weekend through TT offline,reached 1750 collector level and completing about half or more of the current 2 series.

How many do y’all have for next update?

All 4 Opals redeemed, sitting on 950 tokens currently. Also only 30 cards from the 1750 collector level if need be.

Oh wow. Way farther than me lol.

I’m never home to play but also I’ll be 3 redeemed when next update comes and then I’ll be locking more heatchecks and Current 2 sets

Yeah, haven’t really played much but TTO for the past couple months, and basically rack up something like 50-75 tokens per day on regular days.

Haven’t locked that much for tokens this year either, 2 heat checks, the 20 series 1 collection and both legacy collections (at about 200k each)

An update to the Token Rewards would be great right now, but won’t hold my breath w/ 2K.


654 and I redeemed 0 opal / 8 PDs

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I still haven’t locked those 400 tokens from that yet lol. I’m 21 Away from Wilkins so I’ll be done today or tomorrow. I had about 7 10 Token Vaults the past 2 days and I gained a lot from that

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Hopefully this next update will be good then man. If your saving for tokens,save em for next update.

that’s what Im doing. I hope they will release good opals in the near future

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4413 at the moment, but need 6 more PDs. I am definetly cashing in next update.

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Me too. I’ll have 4 opals when I finish TT offline and get the next 2 from next update if it comes this week. Plus if that kobe goes to opal I’m grinding a crap load of TT offline for him so i can get that done quicker than online

990 - 4 pd left to reach 8

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I have redeemed 3 GO and have 158 tokens, but I have all of current series 2 unlocked. That’s 600 tokens IF some :fire: was to drop. I also have most of domination to do and only played a 135 games of TTOff.

58 cards away from Sabonis.

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Dang. I noticed the more I save mine I get more from saving em

Holy crap

sitting on 1710 tokens, having redeemed the @admiral, also have about 9 more series 1 i have not locked lock, of i only need for tyler herro and terrence ferguson for 2 of them.

also have that KAT/embid MOTW set that I can lock.

Flipped 2 waltons at 100k during the crash so hopefully i get one more before the final token update.

also just sold my granger and josh smith, might pick them back up later


By the time I get my 2 redeemed opals I’m gonna lock more sets for tokens and also going to be working on collector levels from that 150k MT

Damn, waltons going for cheaper on Xbox than that i think, im guessing tho by your photo you play switch

4100 tokens

Im at go filter with none redeemed so far

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I know I’ve got a friend who’s close to DWade who has every single card redeemed and 1750 tokens. Damn tho thats crazy

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Got 2 opals redeemed, no sets locked and sitting on 2000 tokens