How many times in mtu have you ran into an opal reward player

Just curious as that on Xbox only around 800 total have been redeemed, I’m 100 tokens from my second, I have yet in unlimited to ever run into anyone that has had one of these cards, and only one game have I ever ran into an IT, starting to make me believe running into a go Giannis will be like seeing a unicorn

Oh it will be man. Ive probably only faced like 10 Galaxy opals give or take

Like I just think it’s weird how literally I rarely even see a webber

Fortunately, they’re rare, but 99% of my opponents have Hakeem.


I really wonder how some of the people I play have mtu reward players honestly


token rewards and collector rewards are two different things

I ran into a Wilt/ Worthy duo last night two games in a row. One was tjayerrday and forgot the other guys name. I have both as well.

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They go hand in hand, mainly to get that many cards you need to do the heat checks and rosters which gives you tokens unless you didn’t redeem for tokens and did it for card count

I run into them pretty frequently. I’m always getting matched up with a streamer, youtuber or tournament qualifier

Under 1000 people have redeemed wilt on ps4, so I imagine the number of people who have giannis will be a couple hundred at most. The chances of running into one will be infinitesimal.

They probably beg everyone for the win, because they’re 11-0.

Many times. I only won a few times

I’ve seen JR maybe 5 times at most so i’m not worried about seeing Giannis

They don’t. You can get tokens from TTO, Locker codes, and MTU. For collections all you have to do is buy cards. Chris Smoove can play the game for 3 weeks and grind up to J.R Smith. I doubt you can get Wilt or Worthy in 3 weeks

I have both and run into them frequently. It could be matchmaking

It’s taken me roughly 4 weeks to get to 650 tokens from getting worthy to now wilt so it’s doable

4 weeks? Damn how ya’ll do it

I also needed like a month to get ~550 tokens I needed for Worthy.
2/3 TTO boards per day on average, didn’t play MTU at all in January.

A few 11/1 runs this month, maybe like 6-7, way too much tto, always aiming for tokens in locker codes, the 4 throwback sets that came out… really it

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a minimum of 20 tokens a day 140 a week. 4-5 week grind