How many superstars are in the NBA

How many superstars are in the NBA

Just had a debate with a friend about who does/does not qualify as a superstar. The line between “star” and “superstar” is much thinner than you think when going over the names. I came to 9 players that I would classify as “superstars” in the league. He came to about 15.

I think we can all agree on Giannis, Bron, KD, Steph, Harden, Kawhai. Those are a given.

What about the rest?

So I ask you 2kg community, how many superstars are in the league today and who are they, and who are in the bubble but not quite in that tier in your opinion.

How many All Stars are there in the East?

Superstar: LeBron, Curry, Giannis, KD

Could be: Kawhi and Kyrie edit: Luka Doncic

Kyrie on the outside looking in. Kawhi about to bust the doors open

Like in the actual game? 13 right?

See that’s interesting to me that you dont consider Kawhai, Harden, and even AD superstars. That’s why I wanted to make this thread


Yeah I don’t

You could argue but I’m not with it

What I meant was I’m willing to hear arguments otherwise

Luka on the cuspy for sure!! Whoops


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I’m not here to make an argument for any player. Made this thread specifically to observe

Facts you gotta throw luka in there. Statistically speaking and leading the mavs 9 games above .500 is tough!

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Superstar is objective, here in Canada, we view guys like Siakam as a superstar (which I think he is, cant think of a better PF in the east)

Anthony Davis & Luka Doncic

I feel Superstars should transcend the game. Introduce/Innovate/Change

And also should sell out a crowd no matter where they are

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Not Jokic

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So how many would you say are in the league in your opinion? Along with Siakam who are some other players that you would classify as “superstars” that maybe other people wouldn’t

I knew someone would come in with this oh so creative response and say nothing else. You’re the winner

Lay down the bong man

Well I was wondering why you were afraid to name your last 3 players lol

Imo superstar is when you play like one of the best and your popularity is wide spread. Lebron, Harden, Curry, and KD are superstars

Because I think the 6 that I named are the only ones that 99% of people would agree on.

For the record my next 3 were

AD, Lillard, Luka.

The person I debated with listed Jokic as one of his and I said I disagree at this point in time but he may enter the conversation with a WCF appearance or further

The bong loves me tho. That was worded terribly. Damn you hadda quote me :pensive:

Not Giannis or Kawhai?