How many ppl have quit 2k

Just wondering, I’ve been seeing random posts about ppl selling their teams,

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Not yet. I would, but I’ve invested too much money to quit.


Nope. Still loving it and haven’t spent a dime

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Didn’t spend a whole lot. But been enjoying everything a bit. Some gameplay issues I feel but I do enjoy it. Need those illegal screens fixed…

At least want to get Zeke first and go from there. I usually end up selling everything around June to get ready for the next 2k.

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If they quit then they are likely not on this forum.

I quit just after all star break last year, couldn’t handle it anymore. Told myself i wouldn’t buy 2k19, here i am, being a sellout biatch.


I’m just casually price fixing to make MT, running a 5 man team to get to 12-0. Will get IT and have enough MT for a good squad in a few months. Log in once a day to list auctions.

Nobody likes a quitter.

Almost quit

Lol yea rehabs for quitters :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve stopped playing mostly the last couple of weeks. Just too much of an arms race with all the new cards coming out. I only go 12-0 once each month with a 5 man budget squad so I can get IT. Just too many other games I want to play to be sinking all of my time trying to keep up with this game.

I quit My Team over a month ago…the overpowered cards (and as a result) cheesy gameplay just became too much. but I still love 2k19 overall…I think it’s the best game they’ve made…just need more sim experience.

Im inactive My Team until 2K give us card PD Kevin Love Wolves.

Only 2k knows. I’ll be playing almost daily until MLB The Show releases in March. Peopl quit for awhile then come back. Xmas will boost the player base.

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I ain’t quitting until I get centaurus milky Andromeda Galaxy giannis antetokounmpo with infinite attributes , so people quit immediately upon getting matched up

I quit and already came back. Hi, my name is Knezius and i’m an addict :frowning:


Hi Knezius

I’ve quit and always comeback. Game is crack for me.

I’m gonna stack some VC and maybe come back sometime after Christmas if I get good pulls. Not feeling it atm tho

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