How many people have GO Wilkins?

Asking for a new member



Thanks for that. I feel welcome on this site already


With GO Brandon Roy close & Dr J, theres no point for me in grinding out 100 more games for him. I’m 30 games away from the 200 tokens (900 wins) & I’m done for the year.

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Got wilkins on the fourth week after release and hope there’s still a ladder rewards after 1000 wins.


I have him, but would not have grinded for him if he wasn’t one of my favorite players of all time. I’m hoping Roy is at least comparable to Ray.

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with the toxic online environment, i’m on 1560 wins TTOff


I’m only about 30 games away and I’ve pretty much given up.

With Dr. J and Grant Hill, Ray and BRoy coming. There is no room for Nique.

I’m not spending money this year, so I’m getting him. Still 300+ games to go. Evolving Richards, Ibaka and Kareem at the same time. I did spend a little. $100 after I finished Domination, and got a few PS cards at Christmas. That’s it though. I’m not falling into the trap this year. Last year was bad.


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I’ve had him since about a month after the game came out. At this point he’s outdated badge wise, so he just sits on the bench for me

I about 100 away fro the 200 tokens. Gonna grind towards that so it’ll save me from locking in MT for the Token market update. No way in hell I’m doing another 100 after that for a card that is already outclassed.

No way I’m getting him. Like 5 wins from Crawford lol (300 wins)

I’m 424 wins from him and I’m only going for him for the tokens along the way. I’ve had Ibaka for 2 months now and pretty much stopped after that

I’m a little ways away. About 300 and some games and I barely play anymore lmao. They need to update token rewards to something good for me to try playing this game again lmao

Just hit 525. I can’t imagine grinding 475 more wins unless they drop some decent PD-to-Opal evos that I can use TTOff to upgrade.

How do you guys grind TTOffline? Way too boring for my liking.

And how many tokens total do you get?

I have him. I use him as my bench sf/sg. I really didn’t like him at first, but after playing with him a bit he’s grown on me. His jumper is okay, pretty fast but I stopped using him as a shooter. He’s a monster at attacking the rim and drawing fouls. Some of my best posters of the year have been with Nique. Also, to ease the grind to 1000 wins I listened to podcasts and just got in a groove. Use evo players so you’re killing two birds with one stone. Once you start rolling you can knock these games out in 3-4 minutes.

I just can’t imagine playing 1000 TToff games. I’m around 56 wins or something, and question my time spent on that. You’d literally have to pay me at least $500 to play 1000 games of TToff.