How many packs did you open and did you get Limited Vince?

Opened one ten box and a single with VC…had a five dollar Microsoft reward.

I then opened I believe 13 packs with MT, but got a diamond VC and a diamond contract…not a huge loss.

I’m stopping there…how much did everyone else pull VC/MT combined.

20 mt singles
2 vc singles

1 diamond, few ammy & ruby

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None, and no pull

1 pack with MT and nothing lol bought :gem: Vince instead for 38k

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A 20 box =
2 ruby vince carters and that was 5 minutes after it was out.

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25 packs with MT through the day and I just got him. Time to stop now lol

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5 twenty boxes
2 10 boxes
15 singles


You didn’t get the limited? I would first of all love to pull a Limited this year and second I would love it to be Vince and know that I pulled it, but I’m not willing to destroy my 2K life to have that happen.

I got 4 diamonds no pds

1.1 million vc pulled no pds lol


Damn dude I’m sorry. At least it was Veronica and not cash like when I was trying to pull Giannis that time haha. I think that was three million VC no Giannis. Plus one million MT.

opened 5 singles with mt, got a unlimited pd and diamond

2 20 boxes 2 amys lol

u payed for for 3 mill VC ?

…and didnt pull him?

Ya man I ended up pulling him like the morning the packs went out with MT singles before I went to work at like 6 AM…I was on a mission. The whole ordeal kind of ruined this 2K for me otherwise I’ve really enjoyed it besides that incident.

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Not really trying to talk about that time period…curious about Vince.

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No unlimited. Pretty much made my MT back if I wanted to sell him


1 single 1 10 box got PD Vince Unlimited.
Earlier in the week 2 singles 1 20 box got Momentnts Giannis.
Both at release time.

1 20 box
1 10 box

1 unlimited PD, 2 diamond, 2 amys, 2 rubies


Three 20 pack boxes
1 Unlimited PD Vince
1 Diamond Vince
4 Ruby Vince