How many Opals you got?

I’m very curious…Does any here have every single opal in the game??

After the latest crash, I decided to grab as many on the cheap (<20k) as possible …up to 199

I know my man @osvaldo_rezende is holding some serious stacks…

I think I’m gonna try to get every single one…I love a challenge.

Side note:. After massive selloff a few months ago… I’m only 87 away from Anthony Davis part 2 :joy::joy:


I think I have 42 total opals but I sell all the ones I’m not using.


All auctionables ones. Missing some of the TTO rewards


55 now. hopefully i get goat oscar and get 56

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4 pages, with only 7 auctionable Opals, Reward cards are nice

  1. I’m down to only 4 auctionable ones (which of these is not like the rest? haha):

GOAT Giannis
Dave Debusschere


How come you have so many reward opal cards bro i thought i got nearly every single free opals yet i only have 4 pages

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Just looked I have 47. Most all of them are locked in or reward cards. Only ones I could auction aren’t worth squat anyway being throwback moments.

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I have 86 for now.

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According to 2kmtcentral we’ve got 92 Reward Opals cards (not include Players club ones)
This include every other non-auctionable cards like lockin reward, tto reward, 12-0 reward and so on
How come dude will have like 100 ish non-auctionable opals lol or just super lucky getting all opals in Players club codes?
While we know to obtain DHoward or KAJ you need other “auctionable” opals


I got 52 non auction

I have every auctionable opal except for GOAT Yao


Exactly 100 after redeeming GOAT VC.

This market crash has been great to pick up those unobtainable Opals.

i got 46. i sell everything i dont use.

@jdealla probably has all of the opals and 24 million MT still. Lmao

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lol yea I actually sold about 6M MT this weekend and I’m down to around 3M. I sold off all of my non locked, non-GOAT, non-glitched GOs (granted not many) a few weekends ago before the crash.

With the profits I bought a new gaming monitor and I’m contemplating upgrading my PCs GPU from a 1660S to a 2070S, but the new nvidia cards are coming out this year so idk if I should wait or not :grimacing:


I’ve joined in May and i have 5 goats, no Curry yet. Thanks lol. Not goat, just discard.

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I have 2070s which is perfect for 144hz 2K gaming. If you gonna play 4K, wait for 3 series indeed. Depends on your monitor & gpu discounts :innocent:


yea i have a 1660 super rn and I didn’t want to buy a 1080p monitor since i’m gonna get a new xbox in dec, so i got a 1440p 144hz monitor.

the 1660 super gets between 40-50 in the games i play on 1440p, and since i got the cash in hand now i think i might pull the trigger and roll with the 2070S.