How many on here completed the Iggy spotlights?

I gave up on it weeks ago, then finished evo’ing Iguodala to Diamond (bumps steal to 90) so I went back to beat the 5 steals game. Got it 1st try but I did it w 7 seconds left in the 1st overtime period. Worst challenge ever imo. They say that shits on rookie but its def not. Mike Bibby guards the ball and puts moves on Iggy that I’ve never seen a CPU do before to keep him from getting steals.

Anyways. How many finished & how many plan on finishing for B Roy?

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I’m on game 5 since 2 weeks ago. Got lazy and then they dropped the KAJ challenge and I did those first to get PD Giannis. Will work on iggy this week.

The 1st spotlight ive done. For Go Broy

Be prepared to force multiple OT’s or foul out before you get the steals.

I’ve had 7 games left since like the 2nd day it came out. I’ll finish it eventually lol

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Done within two days of it existing

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All the Spotlights look like a hassle except the Kareem SL. People are always in those spotlight threads raging and pulling their hair out. I avoided every SL except the Kareem.

I don’t want to manipulate the game to get boards, miss shots on purpose etc. Hell Iggy has a higher board requirement than Kareem.

The Giannis SL was the perfect storm OP reward with easy requirements. Very anxious to see who the next one will be.

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Finished it as soon as they came out to sell cards back for the best profit. I did iggy, and if course kareem spotlight and the one to get Francis. But the other spotlight was over the top

What games are the most difficult in the Iggy challenges? Triple double? Any tips to that one?

I don’t know who at 2k thought that these mindless spotlight grinds are fun. The PD Giannis is the first one I’ve done. It was literally just doing STS through playcall each game for 30 minutes while I watch Walking Dead.

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Yeah hopefully the Giannis spotlight is the start of easier challenges. They could’ve easily made it hard as hell especially with such an OP reward.

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I’m doing this one last because Barry sucks

There’s a video that helped me get all 5 steals in one quarter

Grinded all of em first try (luckily)

I just finished up the Dwight one this morning, now I’m caught up for the B-Roy challenges.

That steals challenge frustrated the hell out of me too, I had to do it like 6 times. But after watching a tutorial and practicing in domination a little bit, it made me a lot better at bidding for steals. The key is to slide at their dribbling hand especially when they’re running full speed, and then hit the steal button. Almost a guaranteed steal every time once I got the hang of it.


I haven’t finished it yet at 4/17 but will get it done by the time Roy comes out.

Yeah this is the only one I haven’t completed yet. Barry isn’t that appealing and after finishing the KAJ grind for Giannis I need a break from those suckers.

I do them the first 5-6 days after the cards are released,coz i want to avoid the prices of the first days. I don’t wanna let them stack, coz each one is 17 games and it can get super boring if you have 2-3-4 of them left to complete. Plus i wanna sell the players back as soon as i finish, so i don’t want to have many Spotlights running at the same time.

Ricky Barry is a bum in this game.

He looks like it. Might be the worst spotlight reward other than diamond Mourning… that card is truly awful.