How many of you play on a large TV?

Just curious, because I feel like I am at a huge disadvantage when playing 2k especially against people who use a monitor. Using a monitor allows people who know what they are doing zone others flawlessly.

Anyone out there who’s really good at the game and plays on a Large tv? Give me some hope because I usually win a majority of my game’s until I find a guy zoning tf out of me using a monitor and playing the lanes perfectly.


I use a 55’’ tv, no advantage.


What difference is it between monitor and tv

I’ve heard of people saying smaller monitors are better for gaming. A 55” is the opposite of that lol. I play on a 55” too.

A monitor changed my gaming life.


No bullshit, I just got a monitor last week and it definitely changed it for me

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Bro I bet… I literally ask people if they have monitors when Im losing before the game ends and they all say yes :rofl:. It’s just a pain to buy one and get a desk and setup everything. Tv Setup is just way easier

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This is what I got last Monday, im also on Xbox series S

Saying there isn’t an advantage using a monitor is wild. The delay is literally less on a monitor

A time based game like nba monitor is key

That being said I still play on a 50 inch tv lol.

I need to get a monitor asap


I use a 60 inch 4K tv and win about 90-95% of my games.

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For 2k , monitor is a must

i use a large tv most the time but use monitor when i need to sweat unlimiited. Probably 55" inch and it works nearly as good as the monitor but i use monitor for the sweats so i sit up instead of slouching on my couch

I’m not saying y’all can’t play well and a big screen. Fuck I’m okay on a big screen. But look at the delay statistics

It just isn’t logical to try and say a monitor isn’t the way to go

Obvs nice to see it on a big screen. But you better Believe all these competitive league players and comp myteam players are running on a monitor for a reason

When I go next gen, I’ll get a monitor. I have a 43” and was playing on a projector before that and I still win plenty more games than I lose. But I know a monitor is the Bentley of gaming.

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A monitor is so much better. I’ve only ever played 2k on a monitor since my consoles are always at my desk with my pc, and whenever I’m at a friend’s house or playing 2k on a tv, it doesn’t feel nearly as good. My timing is usually a bit off and the advantages to using a monitor just become that much clearer.

If your TV has a high refresh rate and low input lag it doesn’t matter. But if you’re using like a Vizio or Element TV that you got on Black Friday for $70, you’ll be much better off with a monitor.

A couple years ago I switch from big screen to monitor and after a week my 3pt pct went up 10% just like that.

It’s like playing 2 different games.

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I play on a 55 inch and have a 90+ win percentage in unlimited fwiw. It’s all I’ve ever really played on though so I’m used to it. Never used a monitor

Got myself a 65" LG with HDMI 2.1 and eARC for my PS5 and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in responsiveness.