How many of you guys are getting bored with the game?

I love basketball and love 2K games but I’m getting bored with 2K20.

There is just nothing to do in MyTeam. Collecting tokens is pointless, since there’s no good rewards. I started a month or two late and the PD were already pretty much outclassed.

Online is laggy, cheesey. I fully understand that I may not be very good, but I know that I will never go 12-0. Why can’t it be more like 10 wins in a week? Or 20 in a month? Something like that.

TTO is stupid. My players do dumb things. Everyone just sprints and dunks. The rewards are sooooo pointless. 1 token or 100 MT… yay.

Domination is repetitive, unimaginative. I liked grinding spotlights for reward players and to try out different cards, but that’s gone too.

What’s left?


I’ve been bored since 2k18, so I can’t see myself getting 2k21.

I only play PWF or TT. If I get bored I’ll play MTU but if I run into an Opal team I’m closing app

The only reason I play games is to use GO Wade. Other than that sniping is more fun.


They wonder why stocks are down when half the playerbase is bored and the PG Giannis card is 900k MT lol

Why not do a “squad battles” like FIFA has? Play against other people’s squads (offline) for rewards like packs. Easy to do.

Or SBC (squad builder challenge) - submit unique squads to get players? Like submit 4 diamond players and 5 players from the bulls to get an Amy Michael Jordan that evo to a Pink Diamond. Idk, fuck - anything.


If there isn’t anything substantially new in 2k21 MyTeam, I won’t be getting it. I started a year ago around this time and starting to get very bored


They’ll hype it up for it to disappoint yet again

For sure man…they are only dropping packs at this point.

Here’s an idea 2k- “Scenarios.” Build the 3-1 comeback Cavs team and win the series against the Warriors in a best of 7 for a reward of 20,000 MT, 30 tokens, and 5 random premium packs.

You team must have all the correct Cavs players (Bron, Love, Smith, Kyrie, etc).

Accessible to players of all levels - you could get Amy Bron or the Pink Diamond, etc.

You only get one shot, if you fail you get much worse rewards (5,000 MT, 10 tokens, 2 packs, etc)

Wow, creativity!

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We need trade ins like in MUT. 3 diamonds 93-94 ovr for one PD 96-97 ovr. 3 95 ovr diamonds for a 98 PD


Havent played since a month , goal was GO AD (2300cards sofar) … i believe money wasnt coming fast enough so they unleashed the GO tsunami after 4 months with only 96 max releases … spotlight was fun but it’s not bankable enough apparently , no new dominations and i dont play online cause i play casual and i play bball , online isn’t basketball it’s Sonic … so i stopped cause only thing left to do is weekly challenge … and TToff :sleeping:


Agree with you about the player reward. The casual players who can’t go 12-0 aren’t playing what is supposed to be the main mode of the game. This means they’re only playing Triple Threat and Dom, so without challenges there’s nothing to do and nothing for them to rip packs for.

The 12-0 system is a trash system that promotes cheese and completely eliminates the casual audience from taking Unlimited seriously. Grinding to 50 or 100 wins for the reward would likely increase the amount of people online, but unfortunately greed is this company’s flaw.


Exactly. FIFA isn’t perfect but they have “Upgrade SBC” so you can rinse your club and get higher rated players. It’s at least something to do.

I honestly think the SBC aspect would be an awesome addition. Now when you pull some crap diamond you can either a) sell or b) use in an SBC further down the line.

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If they don’t update the token board with a starting caliber card this week, I’m shifting all my focus to MLB the Show I’m going to sell off all my actionable cards and maybe come back during the summer.

They also need something for us to grind.

I’ve been playing a week and he’s my take…

It’s the biggest copy paste job of this console gen for 2k. Aside from Spotlights and the new badge system, its 2k19. They got rid of base 11 cheese and added blowby/baseline/turbo cheese. Seriously, if I didnt stop to run a play every couple possessions it would just be a sprint race from tipoff to the final buzzer. 1 out of maybe 7 opponents actually runs an offense. And I’m being generous there.

The menus are the same. Packs are essentially the same. Everything looks basically the same. At least they sped up scrolling in your auctions. Yay. I guess.

Whatever. Inplay it because there is no competition. Until there is, or the fanbase revolts and boycotts the company, its gonna be the same stuff every year. I waited this long to get 2k20. 2k21 isnt even on my radar for the future. Even if they upend the entire system and start anew.

I have enough tokens for 6 PD and a GO. I am tempted to just turn it into MT or get DRob.

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Is tt offline or tt online the better move to grind tokens?

If we somehow got Kobe back in the game, and they updated the token rewards with actual good shit, the people who quit would even come back.

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Any of you guys not bored with the game hit me up selling MT on ps4 100k-11$ accepting Amazon gift cards as payment .

Games being getting frustrating aswell, unlimited feels worse this month

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