How many of y'all have started to boycott 2K?

After all the bans and their insecurities they have that they had to stop following content creators over their negativity, they really seem to be hiding from the truth and seems to me that they don’t want people talking bad about them.
How many of y’all have quit/boycotted 2K?
I’m ready to but its really the only basketball game out there rn.
MLB The Show can’t come fast enough.

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I’m thinking at this rate, lack of consistent content this might be my last for a while


I agree it is not as fun as in the past. The bans have made the game much worse in other ways. I used to love playing the AH (perhaps more than the actual game), but that has changed as less people are buying MT and instead trying to use th AH to make MT.
Also during the ban my son got into Madden and seems to like it much more than 2K. I also enjoy the AH more but have to learn how to play the game myself. I cannot see us getting 2K24 and will most likely just stay with Madden with either FIFA or MLB as our backup game.
2K just got too greedy this time. They tried to make a very profitable game more profitable and more likely will end up with less $$ in the future unless they do a 180 and start thinking what they can do to get more people playing and enjoying the game again.


I can play MLB for like a month during summer but otherwise I really only play basketball games. Might take off next cycle and see whether they keep trying to kill the myteam mode but we’ll see. I just wish they did more to tie it in with the regular season. That Pau Gasol challenge is probably the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen yet. A card that I bought for 12K on the first weekend as the reward in March for a full 30 minute game, lmao


I feel like for me MLB is just so good at the drop when things are fresh.
But for me 2K is more boring for me.
In 2K I use MT faster than I would use stubs in MLB because I don’t try to save MT in MyTeam because I just find it easier for me to earn Stubs and buy stuff compared to 2K for me where I find it more difficult tbh

My kids are playing 2K now, not me. They just play PlayNow Quick Games or whatever old school living room vs with stock teams is called.

Will be a waste but will buy 2K24 just to have game with official video game version of Wembanyama.

All one does is shoot threes. All the other does is try to dunk. Total shitshow.

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I’m thinking of having the year off from 24 and starting and investing time in God Of War, Ghost of Tsushima, GT7, maybe even COD more so. I’ve got about 15 PS5 games sitting there and only 2k gets the love for whatever reason. Pretty sad really. The amount of times I buy games and they just sit there due to time invested in 2k is pretty bad when I stop and think about it.

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I don’t think anyone on here (it’s a small community of hardcore fans) are going to boycott.

This season I started the first week and did some grinding for the Banthom and Knight. Didn’t get either and decided I don’t want to play the RNG game.

The changes they made this year removing the RNG players was the best thing they did, trophy case, while convulted and not explained was great then the 2 week events were perfect.
Throw in galactic spotlights and the game, all things considered was in a great place for a player like me, completely NMS but loved to grind (when it felt rewarding).

Now the grind doesn’t feel rewarding, the 2 week events are gone and no moments agendas for players (just MOTW and the odd token player).

I have over 2.5 mill MT, 4K Tokens and a fun team. Not a god squad as I have sort of stepped away the last few weeks. Sold anyone worth over 25k not in my lineup and now just do the dailies, Tuesday and Friday XP and play the odd game when I feel it. I’ll get Herro easy enough in time.
If they add a 2 week event back I’ll hit that. Or a new spotlight etc. anything with decent rewards for your time.

As is, this season is a break for me (Octopath Traveler 2 came out last week and am deep into that anyway).

I (and I would guess 99% of us) will be back next season/year. I’ll buy it next year. I know what I’m getting into, knowing I have the control to be completely NMS ensures I can not be too disappointed when they botch it up again. It’s the only basketball game around.


I dont play much since 4/5 years cause 2k killed the collector thing , cards are outdated in a week , some unknow 99 players coming … nothing has sense , just a big cash machine

I think 2k has gone downhill tremendously this year specifically. The bans are one thing, and many of their Myteam players buy MT because of course they want to stay competitive and play with the best players in the game. But in terms of gameplay wise I think last years game was so much easier offensively. The fact they added release timing on jumpshots is just an unnecessary change. Content wise, the token market a few years ago used be to be something would be really excited for and 2k would drop competitve/fun players in there. Now it’s used for moments cards, when 2k used to have an actual moments card release once a week. Domination used to be something people would grind or at least seriously consider. I don’t think people nearly grind that mode anymore. Another thing that I personally liked that 2k used to do a long time ago was have a scheduled locker code drop for some of the best players in the game. Now they force us a depleted 250k tourney to have a chance at a Yao, Rudy, Ben Simmons, etc.

I think they’ve gone up in flames this year, and they could really hire someone from the community to be their community manager (like how EA used Kraelo for Madden to communicate this weeks drops and any issues the community has brought up)

Personally I loved that they made shooting a little more skill based this year, I couldn’t stand the shooting the few previous years.


God Of War and Ghost Of Tsushima are awesome and well worth the time. Quite easy platinum trophies by the way too.

I spent around 50h in both GoW 2018 and Ragnarök and around 70h in Ghost. Some of the best gaming hours in my lifetime.

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Hogwarts Legacy was fun for me - and there are zero in-game purchases :slight_smile:

They patched the Evo matchup advantage, RIP 2K. They hate us having any sort of casual experience with this game. Fuck this company


First game I thought very bad luck but then went against Amy/diamonds teams each time with my Evoed Ostertag and Del Negro and knew it is gone for good. :slightly_frowning_face:

I found a workaround to still afk clutch time games but I honestly don’t wanna post it here. I know 2K has their spies that look at this board that care about killing any possible exploit.

At least they still match original tier when using duos. Not sure why 2K did this for offline play. Half the fun of doing an evo is the advantage offline as it is rare doing it makes the card playable again (with the exceptions of last year when they would evolve the animations to make the players really good). Since this has been the standard for years, why they felt this needed to be changed is beyond me. I wonder if anyone working for 2K actually plays the game for fun.

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That’s what I’m saying, this has been in the game for years. It’s probably because people have been doing videos about how to do the afk method and 2K doesn’t want anyone to get any rewards easily without having to buy packs.

They even put all the Evo cards as rewards in triple threat this season because they knew they were valuable for this reason. They literally gave people a head start to using the Evo glitch and now they’re patching it out of the game. Greedy bastards

If you dont mind you can send me a pm regarding the work around.

@Eric66 any good duos you can recommend?

It’s just the duos, I’m just worried they’re going to patch that too. Best ones I know of are:

Morris twins
Series 2 Banchero/Wagner
Series 2 Haliburton/Hield

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