How Many MyPlayers do you have?

I been leaning more towards MyCareer this year and have 5 different MyPlayers because MyTeam isn’t too fun this year for me.

I have a

  • 91 Overall 6’6 Pure Playmaker PG with 3 of his 7 HOF Badges
  • 91 Overall 7’0 Two Way Athletic Finisher C nearly max badged
  • 88 Overall Pure Sharp SG
  • 70 Overall Two Way Slasher SF
  • 62 Overall Glass Cleaner C

Am I the only sweaty on the forum with multiple characters? lmfao

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The same amount of Galaxy Opals I have

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10 of them


What been your favorite builds so far?

They’re all pure slashers.


Had a 6’11 PF 91 ovr shot creating post scorer who got deleted :disappointed:
Also have a SG 6’5 91 shot creating sharp
& recently made a 2 way shot creator
SF 6’8 waiting to get unbanned so I can use him

Nah lol I have a pure sharp. He’s cool. Also pure shots since that’s what I ran last yea r

The default pure slasher 60 ovr is the best build in the game. He can lead the magic to a 73-9 record while dropping 35 15 15 a game & accumulating 150k fans.


Yoooouuuu knoooowwww

& 5 blocks :joy:

I have a 90 ovr 7 foot 3 post scoring defender. I also have a 71 ovr slashing shot creator sf.

6’11" Rebounding Rim C with max wingspan. Plays like Dwight. Also got a 6’5" shot creating sharp that I wanna upgrade to 85 via VC glitch, closest build I could find to a JR Smith type.

I have 5 builds from the vc glitch

89 Pure Lock
88 Pure stretch
90 Pure Shot
86 Sharpshooting play
86 Pure Glass

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You think this was the real reason you got banned? I know everyones doing the glitch but im so sketched out lol

I got 9 farm players, so that’s 135K vc every day lol.

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I got 5. @TheGodfather can I still method 5 more? Oh ,I accidentally deleted my 90 overall pure slasher while doing the method :expressionless:

Yup you can do 10 at a time

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Asking is the setup process still working? I get 75k now.


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