How many games are the Suns winning next year?



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Haha so this is the thread you been waitingggg to post :joy::rofl:

28 tops

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Boi, its my first. You didn’t even answer the question.smh

Less than 30.

Monty did the smart thing.
Probably asked for a 5y deal knowing they’ll cut him after a season.

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If they get a point guard 44

I’d they get a top 3 pick, 30

Tbh, draft needs some rework.

Teams can get top3 pick only 2 years in a row, third year it’s 6th or lower.
Competent organization will become relevant with one top3 pick, Suns would still be trash even if they had a top3 pick 5 years in a row.
They’re just ruining careers.

Better be less than the Lakers…

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Since the draft and free agency have wrapped up I can confidently say:

Who TF knows

14 or 15

I’m feeling generous today so 25

1-30 lmao :rofl: