How many entries do you have for the tournament?

We’re about a week away from the first tournament, how many entries do you guys have so far? I’m sitting on 6 but will probably get to 10 by the end of next week

4 rn, but haven’t ran through it for Issel and I probably will 2-3 times after I get him

Only have 2

Does anyone know the structure of this tourney yet?

Why would I need more than one entry any given weekend?

Yea that’s what I’m tryna figure put. I didnt finish anything last round and I’m currently 6-0 to dan right now

Any entries you have now are only valid for the October 13th tournament.

Basically once the tournament starts you use an entry, once you’re in you play vs other people in the tournament until you lose.

There’s a total score based on your team overall, their team overall and records ie you’ll get more points for beating a good player that has a good team.

Once you lose a game you’re out and the system keeps a leaderboard of who has the highest score.

The more entries you have the more you can repeat the process so for example if you have 3 entries right now you can do this process 3 times all your scores will be logged but only your highest score will be used on the leaderboard


Thanks for the info. But seems like in order to place first you aren’t going to be able to lose at all so multiple entries may not matter. As for the scoring, it seems like the optimal strategy would be to run an all ruby team that plays better than their tier.

Like the ideal matchup would be running into shakeand bake running his PDs while you have Ruby’s and get the easy W.


Unless MugAndBake runs his toned down lineup in the tourney too, which I feel like a lot of people will do once they see you get more points

@Bulldog do you know if there will be gameplay rules?

Anything goes gameplay wise, nothing in the terms about that. They do specify you can change your lineups between games if you want.

So it’s basically gonna be like unlimited but you’re out with 1 loss instead of 3

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