How Many Diamond Packs Have You Missed Recently?

Ball drops are rigged.

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All and all tokens tonight, I’m just laughing

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I hit 9 tokens in about an hour. Not too bad.

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It’s been really rough for me. I’ve hit 1 of the last 10 on the board. Even had a 3 ball drop with a Diamond pack one over from the wall, which I hit more than any other slot. Missed it by at least two spaces every time. Next game I dropped the 3 balls in the same spot as a test and hit that slot twice, but of course there wasn’t a Diamond pack there for that round


This happens way too often.

The funny thing is 2K knows that’s the most common slot to hit, because that’s where they put the worst reward for the locker codes. I’ve had some great runs with ball drops, but lately it’s been a desert

It’s been bad lately , in the olden days(2 months ago ) they were easy to come by

I was just about to say something about this! wtf! I have missed 3 diamond packs on 3 separate boards… such bs

I missed a diamond pack with 5 balls because the ball decides not to hit a single peg and go all the way to the opposite corner lol

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Miss every single one I see

Thought it was only me. I’m even missing the ones that are right next to the corner and I use to hit those all the time

I’m 0 for my last 7.

The last one was a gimme too, two right next to each other on the 2nd and 3rd slot from the right side.

Had one ball, dropped all the way to the right, and it went to the 4th slot

Right when I said that I just got 1

Got orange cp3 they still got value?


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Fianlly got one…and it was…Jordan low tht go for like 3k lol

But while checkingthe price, got 2 at 2k each adn flipped for 3.5k woot

Do you know how much?

All of them

Currently all of them, but therefore I hit constantly all the tokens, so I wouldn’t complain.

Missed five in a day got one crappy adidas lol