How many Career Highlight Players have you obtained?

After obtaining Ron Harper (one of easiest players to get so far from a Locker code) this officially makes my 7th Career Highlight Player.

Here’s a list of the others:

GO Elvin Hayes
PD Magic
PD Earl Boykins
PD Kobe
Diamond Bogut
Diamond MJ
Amy Harper

Here’s a list of players who I’ve missed:

PD Rick Fox (Twice)
Diamond TMac (Once, hoping for another try with this card)
Diamond CP3 (Twice, glad I never got this card)
Amy KD (Once, hoping for another try with this card)

Just curious if I’m lucky, or if anyone has the same luck?

Now I know some of y’all aren’t interested with these cards, and if so that’s fine. I’m just curious if anyone has gotten any of the players I missed, or has similar luck

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7th as well! Missed tmac, kd, and Magic

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I got TMac Fox Kobe and MJ and didnt even bother putting in the Boykins code

I’ve got Kobe, TMac, MJ and CP3. Getting TMac makes up for the very average nature of the other three lol

I’ve had mj about four times

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4/10 :sweat_smile:
honestly when the first 2-3 locker codes dropped i went for token rather than the plyer
have Bogut , CP3 , MJ and Fox now.

4/10 also (not including kobe)
Cp3, bogut, boykins and fox
The only one I wanted was magic


Only 3- MJ, KD and Fox.

D Tmac actually pretty nice for a free card

That’s why he was only once on the boards

5/10 for me. I’ve got Hayes, Magic, TMAC, Bogut and MJ. Would have liked Boykins for the lols though

You got all the good ones

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Ngl, Boykins is fun to use.

People online tend to believe he’s useless but forget he has a great release and shooting badges. I’ve forced a rage quit on time when Boykins torched with 23pts by the 2nd Quarter and the guy quit

If I had to give an order of the best PG to the worst here’s the list:

  1. PD Magic
  2. Amy Harper/PD Boykins
  3. PD Boykins/Amy Harper
  4. Diamond CP3

I got 5/10

PD Fox
Diamond Tmac
Diamond cp3
Diamond Mj
and Amy Harper

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Lol, you’re just missing a C and you got a squad.

I’m predicting our next C is going to be a PF/C Magic Horace Grant

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