How many cards do you have?

I have like 130

Made it to 500 then I gave up and starts to sell everything :smile:

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Got to 1000 for the 250 tokens and then sold as much as I could, currently at 720

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I have 117 but 400k mt. That’s more important


I had 1000, down to 700ish

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I have just over 100 and something. Starting to snipe more and collect more cards along the way.

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625ish. I usually just let my count grow from ripping packs and lock in sets when I get a chance for cheap. I will get my collector level up, but not super fast, so I’m not sure how much benefit I’ll get from the rewards whenever I get them.

I’ve tried to sell all unnecessary cards in previous years, but honestly, the work involved in price checking to sell, and then the work involved in buying stuff back when I do want to get my level up, isn’t worth whatever MT I would make right now, for me personally ((I won’t sell jerseys, because I never want to have to find them in the AH whenever I decide I want them back – I did that in 2k17 with a bunch of tabs open with different images of pages, and searching manually – the worst)


1211 (without the 1 of your choosing)


Was up to 800 but decided fuck it, i got good enough team and Oden is enough so selling of.

Is that better than going for 1,000 and getting the tokens?

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Still at 98

should’ve got the 250 tokens. im almost in pd market

I have like 30, I don’t even have boogie yet

I have 780, I’m thinking about going for 1250. Ak47 looks beastly. I don’t know how attainable he is right now. I have 700kmt, and with the 250 tockens I’ll have 429 (tokens from dom, didn’t lock any teams collections). On paper he’s a lot better than the reward diamonds from the token market. I unlocked 2 amethyst so far. I’m thinking of using the tokens to redeem more of the emeralds, sapphire and ruby cards to get my card count up.

I have te try AK animations out first on paper he looks amazing but he can have trash animations.

How much tokens you need to get to PD? I want that Stockton.

idk u need 600 just to complete diamond market nevermind all the others

I calculated. I personally need 1226 tokens to open Stockton (have only one sapphire bought). FFS

Just for comparison, I did every collection that doesnt have an amythest and I beat first domination. I would be able to unlock PD market at the end of 3rd domination and almost have enough tokens for a PD and when amythests price drops ill do those last sets.

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