How many cards are there right now?

Realized I am like 50 cards away from Giannis right now again and have half of FAs done when I was doing them for CWebb, but cba to grind them for Giannis.

Found out that he has HOF Dimer though, want to plug him into TTO to feed Curry.

Is it possible to get him rn with ~15 FAs?

Yes it is! I believe @MagicJ got him with only like 10 FAs

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Have to ask him how many TDIH cards he has though. I just can’t hit them, I am like 8/24 :smiley:

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I feel you ahahah. I may have even less than you

I got mine with 15 FA’s and that was before the Curry promo

How many TDIH and POTY cards you had? All promo sets locked?

11 TDIH and I have the first 6 POTM cards and GO Isiah Thomas. No promos locked though.

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Only 11

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Did you also have signature limited and anni players though?

No, had to bought them

GO giannis trash. Emerald brook Lopez much better. You’re weak if you have to win with a card with all 99 ratings

Oh really?

Well come, I’ll show you how trash I am

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I got him with three free agent cards completed. I had basically every card in the game except the limited sig cards and the new DWade and Dirk. I also only had like 6 TDIH cards. I have every token reward except Walt though.

Is it fun having a card with all 99 ratings and having no challenge to play the game?

Yeah, I dont have most of annis and no signature PDs atm. Those annis are very costly on PC. Have the token rewards as I had everyone already for CWebb back then.

Of course it is

Cause opponents can’t do anything to stop him

No need to try making him look not as good as Brook Lopez, Giannis can do anything Lopez do and do it way better

And Basketball is a 5v5 game, Giannis is untouchable but the rest of my team is not

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Lmao you’re not lying this Giannis card is fun AF

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So you like the chance of not losing at all. That wouldn’t be fun though

Love how you try to make me look like I refuse any challenge while you give up to the cheese and full center lineup which is clearly more un-amusing as having Giannis

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Every person should at least have a shot st losing. It’s not fun when you win every single game every time. Frankly it’s quite boring