How make an alley oop off backboard to teammate insead of to myself?


I did not have that problem last year but this i just can’t do it. When i throw it by double tapping ‘Y’ and select desired receiver with left stick passer just throws it regularly. While i am throwing it with directing stick towards the basket i always make self alley oop, sometimes off backboard sometimes not. How is it supposed to be made properly? Steam with Xbox pad.

I don’t think there’s any rhyme of reason to alley oop animations but I could be wrong I guess

Honestly i didn’t think it could be impossible to do at will. Maybe it is.

Yea I don’t think it’s possible to throw an alley oop to a trailing teammate…everytime I tried it resulted in a to lol

You can’t , they missing this and contact dunks on alleys man :disappointed:

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pull the stick down then double tap triangle or Y but it is random


Left stick down and double tap Y. If you point the stick at the hoop it’ll be to yourself.

I don’t think you can throw it off the board to a teammate but if you want to throw it behind you, you just aim back with the left stick or point it at the player behind you. Ive definitely done that