How lucky, my best Snipe!

So not only did I get him for a bargain but if you look at my Mt balance it is almost exactly the what I have :grin:

Decided to make a video instead of a photo because I want to add content to my channel :grin:

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Nice one!

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That song is hurting my ears


Haha I’m sorry :joy:

I got ruby Kareem for 700 so I’m just as happy as you are lol

Wait was this on Xbox? And what are the odds it was just the amount you had that’s crazy lucky

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Yes Xbox :grin:

And literally the only player I wanted :grin:

Pretty insane I’ll tell you that

That klay with the pink shoe is mine lol. Anyone know what he went for ?

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Mine went for 407k last night

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I have a feeling i was a day late. I cant see mine getting to 400. It was at 225 with an hour left. Im not home so ill update when i get home

Mine was at 237k with an 1hr and 55 minutes left. It just depends on those last 5 minute bids tbh

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Im hoping for a gold mine. Cuz imma miss that motherfucker lol

You’ll get at least 350k

hmmm seems too good to be true but congrats man good snipe


I think he went for 400k+

No way. Really ??? That would be nuts. Im trying to get limited kareem haha. Reggie kareem isnt enough for me. I need dat juicy KAJ

He went for over 350k and I know that for a fact. I grabbed my limited Kareem for 360 today with 97 contracts and badges so you will be able to do it

Ya’ll convincing me I might sell my pd kareem and get the limited