How long does it take to grind for Invincible Westbrook?

Probably one of my favourite card art designs of the year. Trying to see if I have time to grind it out. Anyone who has him know if he’s worth it and if so, how long it took you?

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I’m almost there. Got about 60 games left. He’s never gonna make the lineup for me at all but the grind isn’t bad especially if you start season at 1750 already.

Oh, and of course, no Jerry West yet.

In all honesty, West >>> Westbrook. Jumper better, dunks and sigs better, defense better. But if you like Russ IRL, this card gonna be nice

lol forget it. i don’t play TT and i’m only at 150. fuck!

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Oh fuck you need 1,850 more games? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Stay away partner


He’s not even better than Invincible IT (Russ).

Best part is that he requires no grind. Just log in and boom! He’s all yours

I haven’t ever liked Russ cards this year, but surely not, IT can’t even pro escape

Well I can’t Curry slide so…


And apart from that he’s truly not better. Jumper on IT is ridiculous. He moves like a flash of lightning and he plays lockdown defense for his height

Fair :joy:

If we’re comparing small PGs to small PGs, West should be the best of the three by a mile IMO

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Oh and he is. West draws some crazy animations on dunks and has a Top 10 jumper in the game

Best short PG all year in my opinion

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I did like his jumper on his opal card a lot, I might even try him out online for a game or two once I get him, definitely one of the best under 6’3” PGs out there

Still hoping for an upgraded Fat Lever or Hal Greer though

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Russ is the 2000 TT offline wins reward?

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he is my starting PG ,im playing for fun now so when sweat comes i just switch him to guard SG and he hold it down perfect even tho he 6’'3

im having a lot of fun using him and his J really comfy to use , his green animation are like in park and makes it even more comfy to shoot with

and i didn’t grind for hi mtho xD on pc he was just up there on AH on sale so i picked him up hahahah

It would be easier to Evo his Ruby to DM

Holy hell. That’s a lot of boring offline games for him. I’m at 802 wins in 2k20 TT offline and really want to get that Wilkins but that’s just so boring to play.

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so boring… i got bored after my 20th game in a row. Geez dno how ppl grind that mode out. I need online play

21 points multiplied by 2000 games is 42,000 points Kareem played for 19 years and only scored 38,387 and 2k wants us to earn 10% more in less than a single year.

That is madness.

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that’s fucked up

I got him last night and didnt like his shot . I like west shot alot better. Almost lost because of Westbrook jumpshot.