How long does it take to get into a MTU game on PS4 now?

Haven’t played in a few weeks but itching to get a few games in tonight. For those that are still playing, how long does it normally take you?

Also, how’s the AH btw? Are prices now all super high.

Finding matches isn’t a problem at all. Still plenty of people playing.

Prices are low except for certain set cards, like PD Kyrie. Badges are up in price, but shoes are pretty cheap.

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Damn that’s really good to hear. Going to try out a few new lineups and just have some fun again. Any cards you having fun with lately? I was balling out with PD J.Lin for a bit before I took a break.

You won’t have a problem finding a match.

AH prices are pretty low for the most part. Badges are high, shoes are pretty much the same, maybe slightly lower. Diamond contracts seem to be slightly higher.

Amy and diamond cards imo have seemed to have gone up in price

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When I play with a “god squad,” I almost always get a match within 5-10 seconds. Maybe up to 15-20 seconds if it’s really late at night?

If I try to get a match with my Ruby and Under squad, then I may not get a match within a 15-20 second window, which is about as long as I’ll search with that sort of squad, to hopefully avoid getting matched up with a god squad.


This is great. Thanks for the heads up. Are you on North American servers by any chance?

I have a feeling the rock bottom pricing of this game and the card availability will keep it alive longer than some are predicting. There are people that won’t or can’t dish out 60-100 for 2k20. The game will die eventually, but you have some who are playing now that are relatively new and on a budget. Not to mention the younger demographic without disposable income like most of us have available


Yes. USA West Coast.

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I personally will continue to enjoy 19. Not feeling up to joining the rat race for a fourth consecutive year


Has anyone here used Opal Kobe? He’s the one card I’m thinking of picking up once I save back up some Mt. I probably won’t buy 2k20 until christmas anyways once the good cards come out. I’m not getting sucked into paying 300k for PD cards.

EDIT: I forgot I pulled Trae Young with the last of my MT!! I realized he just sold for 465k MT. HELL YAH!

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Smart man. I have limited Kobe. Probably won’t help you much with my review, but I fucking love the card

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Do you still run into as many cheesy lineups as before?

Yeah, more or less. I definitely see stuff like Giannis at PG, or LeBron at PG. Don’t see all that much in the way of ultra-unorthodox-cheesy lineups.

I just threw together a mostly ruby lineup wit PD David Thompson at pg. Tried to have a fun game and quickly remembered y I can’t do that ran into somebody from this forum who would not disclose their forum name who was running Giannis KD Shaq Ming n Hakeem all galaxy opal. He used all his timeouts kept sending messages to me about how bad I suck got on the mic saying he gonna expose me n so on. Mind you I’m guarding opal Giannis wit David Thompson opal shaq with ruby Kevin hueter opal Hakeem wit ruby miles brides n it was a 5 point game at half. Then bridges fouls out early 3rd so I had to guard Hakeem with a bronze card. Then he started really talking crazy n flopping after every made basket it’s like cmon bruh it’s mid August chill the hell out



Damn man I feel for you. Seems like you kept the game pretty tight regardless so props. Honestly It wouldn’t feel lie 2k without matching against simps lol. Kinda makes it fun when you beat them though. But damn are those games sweaty.

He pulled away when I had u use the bronze card he was a pretty good player but I didn’t play well so it was part my fault going to the 4th he had 19 offensive rebs compared to my 6 defensive rebs that didn’t help either

he refused to tell me his forum name for whatever reason


Interesting. I thought you never play low OVR lineups. Personally, I find it more fun, but I thought you only were interested in ever playing best vs. best.