How long before

With throwback elite rudy gay already outclassing all the amy rewards. And us having the first diamond reward from collection packs in the first few week the game officially launches. Whats ur bet how long before all the dia and pd rewards get outclassed?

Sitting on 300 tokens and havent unlocked the sapphire board. Was wondering if its really worthit to get after melo at this point. I already have finley and dont really see the point of having a full diamond line up til like mid to end october when i play online again for ultimate.

Last years first promo pack reward was opening night with 1 pullable ruby and ruby reward to complete the set. And we know how that power creep turned out.

Rudy gay aint a shooter per say, he might be good slashing and shooting some open 3’s, but thats it.

I think they will be irrelevant by time PDs starts to be released next year

Im gonna just buy everything in the token market

Just a note, Opening night was a third promo after Court vision and Rim rockers.

Lol that makes it even worse haha

True. He still seems better than any amy reward though

Why/how do you have so many Tokens if you’re not gonna use them? I thought I was weird for sitting on 70 and not using them. But that’s just passive from Dom.

Dom & fantasy dom nets you 200+ already. plus tokens from tb grizzlies and hornets set. Also did supermax a few rounds.

Why lock in the sets if you don’t spend the Tokens? Why not collect the cards and hold off on locking?

yea id never do that to buy packs. its so expensive

I say save them. Like you stated Melo is nice & so is Camby. But the badging is trash & they won’t even be top ten cards soon enough. Those tokens might be valuable later on after everyone else used theirs.:money_mouth_face:

Imagine a good PD card in Market for 500 tokens or so.

I used my 25 to open a rookie pack. Got kobe and sold for 40k. I wasnt mad


I have a feeling by Thanksgiving…latest by xmas all the rewards in the game will be outclassed…I had pd Barkley in 2k17, also had pd kobe and collected enough to know that players in packs will always be better than any other reward that’s available for free…opal gannis will still be nice but look at opal wilt…7 badges…really??? 2k cant update those badges either…that’s why I’m not going for any collector rewards…just stacking mt to pick up promo players that I can sell back and get new players.

I’ll probably end up using my tokens on them packs or something.

I was also one to get pd oscar…diamond dirk and dr… first day they were available last year because I could have sworn they were end game cards with 7 HOF badges…boy was I wrong…end game cards had 14 badges each.

Point is…unless a card has HoF badges its not worth locking or buying for it to lose value. All these reward cards are gonna be useless by Thanksgiving. Rememeber PD wilt in 2k17? I used him for like 3 games and he was obsolete…outclassed by end game diamonds…if u know you gonna drop a few thousand this year then keep locking in…if u r on a budget…keep getting mt and stay away from these rewards.

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Im at 950 cards with no amythest or ruby players purchased. As soon as I hit 1k, Im gonna sell the 600+ non players and use the MT to lock in all the collections. Not bad, ill have almost a thousand tokens and then more from 2nd and 3rd dom

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Thats also my plan…but I’ve only managed to get 260 cards so far :confused: How in the hell did you get 1k???

Bid snipes, its crazy how cheap ppl pass shit up. I also sell dupes that i snipe to keep my mt supply up

Ive sniped about 10 Tatums for 1500 all on bids and he goes for around 5k