How is your RNG luck so far in 2K23?

Not a bad start for Black Friday RNG. Played the semi pro pickup game for Thanksgiving pack… got Diamond Steph. Then for the PD Thanksgiving lock in… pulled Draymond Green.

I pulled Middleton … really mid (pun intended)


I expected disappointment but the Thanksgiving mural actually worked out


From this locker code:

Got this


got bill russel from clutch time online, second game.

I did finally get a winner from a free pack. Ended up with PD Penny Hardaway.

Really good card. Had fun playing with him this weekend but will likely sell him tomorrow. Should have sold him right away but now I know to pick him up again when he becomes cheaper. Have to say that I think he is better than PD Magic. He is just faster with better dribbling and much better shot.

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From the Unlimited vault.

I didn’t expect him to be good since his jumper is always meh, but 2k actually gave him a nice jumper. He seems pretty good. If I didn’t just get KG from the PD Thanksgiving pack he may have made my bench lineup.


I got this guy as well, from the CT offline spin. Welcome to the team, big gay Al. I’m now missing only Rodman and K-Mart from the S2 Takeover set.

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