How is your RNG luck so far in 2K23?

Mines has been horrible. Anybody having good luck?

I am about to get the 100 TTO wins. I have never missed getting through to the top of the board. I have yet to see any of the takeover player on the board. Either way I am sure I wouldn’t even get the player. Especially now that they stopped the dashboard trick.

Also I have never pulled any player from the vault or wheel. And I have had plenty of chances.

The RNG trophy packs have been as bad as it probably could be. Most times its a duplicate and when its not a dupe its likely the conference I am not collecting for.


The weekly wheel seems pointless this year, every time I land on the shoe pack. :nauseated_face:

As far as trophies go, I’m targeting Lakers and Warriors for my first two players to lock in and I received 2 Lakers trophies and 7 W’s trophies from rng, so I’m actually pretty lucky there.

I just finished the clutch time offline grind today and I have a pretty big head start on triple threat offline. I’m going to knock out the offline stuff by the end of this week and then focus my grind to online, so I’ll report back if I get any decent pulls.

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mostly bad but i did get baylor from the unlimited vault

Embarrassed to say that I have over 150 TT wins (playing that mode way too often). Have not gotten a takeover player yet. I have not yet seen a player on a top board for TTO yet either. Clutch time wheel still is horrible for me. I got 2 trophies but never a player.

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I got BJ Armstrong.

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Just picked BJ Armstrong from the level 36 board with my very last pick.

i’d have to say pretty decent. can’t complain :person_shrugging:


WOW from the vault too? There is HOPE! :crazy_face:

Yo! Just got Kidd from CT offline spin.


First time I’ve seen a player on a TT online board all season. I get him on my first ball drop as well.

I’ll give you one guess of who I took with my 6 rings 2 days ago.


Got a HOF badge from an exhibition. It was off-ball pest.


I believe that Jordan signature challenge sometimes gives out a HOF and sometimes not? I got HOF Aerial Wizard

Other than that I saw zero rng players from 65 Unlimited wins, 280 TT games and about 180 CT games. (Sometimes I just let my diamond evos play games 4v5 for chances to spin the wheel)

Managed to pull a +4 3pt boost and Ben Wallace on back to back picks from the ascension board. I’ll take the 30K :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, also finally pulled something valuable from the weekly spin, got 50 tokens today


Signature challenges always give out one HOF badge. I got clutch shooter from the Booker’s challenge.

Played my first 2 Limited games ever. Lost the first one, won the second. Got the ring in the middle. Man I don’t like this mode but I think I’ll try to get the rings this season.

Exhibitions can be annoying since it can remove a player from your lineup for days or a week, and you may only get 3 tokens from it at the end. It is especially annoying when limited comes around and you can’t use a player that you would have used.

The badge packs can be very good though. I believe this is my 3rd HOF badge from exhibitions.


Thats awesome mate, great badge too. Extremely underated because its not a ‘meta’ shooting badge I guess.

I chose that from a season 1 pack and put it in Sabonis.

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I am on a RNG hot streak. Or maybe they made Dennis Rodman easy to get. Yesterday I got him from a triple threat offline vault opening and today I got him a clutch time online wheel spin. All I could do is quicksell him for 1k mt. Not worth sending him to the exchange for anything.

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I still have not yet got any player on any RNG mode. Rodman looks like a really good card. Congrats!!


Got a HOF badge early on from a Level pack and then ANTman from TTO so not too bad I’d say