How Is This Legal

Don’t be like me. I’m 35 years old and too old for this shit, I know better, buttttttt… Between these new packs and the Takeover set I’ve dropped over $700 on VC :eyes::eyes::eyes: I got 2 Opal Jason Kidd’s and THAT’S IT! I don’t think me bitching to 2K support helped my cause. I just ripped 80 Flash packs and fucking nothing. This company is a fucking joke and a scam. I know, buy MT from here, no shit. It doesn’t change the fact that these fucks are ripping us off. I’ve been daydreaming all week at work about what I could do, what type of platform I could use, to expose what’s going on. $700 for a fucking Jason Kidd. I’m gonna go sit in my garage with the car running, I hope y’all have a shitty day and pull nothing but bronze Dean Wades :sob::sob::sob::sob:


dude. just buy MT


everyone was predicting this thread this morning. if u bought 700 dollars of mt u would have been able to run opal pip and opal mj next to eachother with change


Bro, I feel your pain I’ve probably spent about 250$ total though. I literally feel like 2k just prints money for itself by dropping packs for the prices they are.

At least when u gamble u can actually spend the money you win. 2k doesn’t even have rules or regs they literally do whatever they want with players and cards. And we still buy… it idk what’s wrong with us personally lol.

Who needs to rip packs when you get TTO rewards like this?


you trying to get IT and Aguirre?

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yeah i really don’t want to kick you to the ground even more but with 700$ you could’ve bought 5-6 mil coin. that’s enough for a starting lineup of : Opal Pip, GOAT MJ , Opal Giannis , Opal Bosh , Opal Bol Bol

sorry dude :cry:


Yes sir

Too bad I can’t throw Opal IT into my tourney squad :joy:


We knew it was coming today

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yea i feel u. GO Dikembe came out like 12 hours after we drafted

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It’s the thrill he’s chasing lmao

How are we 2kgamer when we have members buying boxes with VC? The people here should be leading the way on not buying vc ever. Cmon yall.

STOP!! It is a scam.

Like you need him lol

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Pretty good troll, 9/10 imo.

The worst part of packs and myteam for me is why can’t we earn idk… VC from games too? You know, since we can spend vc in the mode why can’t we also earn it.

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That makes sense if you are under the assumption that they care more about their consumers than profit lmao

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I’m an alcoholic, I understand who I am and how my mind is wired. I’m for sure chasing the thrill. The point of the post was to show that I’m another victim of the 2K fuckery. How does one open up $700 worth of VC and not pull an Opal? How does one legally acquire the best cards without cheating?


True, I just think at this point they’re stealing our money and no one cares bc we’re doing it of our “free will” but it’s predetory imo. Because how can u justify charging this much for something that cost little to nothing for them to make.