How is the pack odds now?

Have the odds got worser.or the same.

Just got pd pippen+diamond contract on 1 box at 1 am est before.

It seem like the odd went down. I was pulling straight packs and getting pd or diamond now its a slim chance.

Not good for me, all I can get is Kawhi



You are back with a bang!! Welcome :slight_smile:

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I’ve pulled one PD Pippen, a few Kawhi, and way too many AV cards. It’s been trash for me after the intial release.

All i pulled is diamond thats it. It like the pink diamonds gone now. I pulled 300 k mt tryimg to get pink diamond and all i keep getting is a aythmest and diamond

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I only pulled one of each PD. Kobe packs I pulled about 5-7 Magic and 1 Kobe. Odds are definitely down, for me at least. I hope that y’all pull some fire though.

I think that I’m gonna sit out these next Anniversary cards if it’s Bird. I’m waiting on a Promo, moments, and Throwbacks, because then I’ll be about 20, or so cards from GO Giannis.

The anniversary odds are always bad… always always always, people will say packs are hot if they get one pd out of 40 packs lol

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This and on top it also depends on other individual factors. Could be playing time and/or VC spending that find their way into the equation as well.

yeah but when lebron got release odds was actualy fire

6 hours ago, got 2 kawhi and Lebron from a 10’box. Was too tired to post at the time. First anniversary player I’ve pulled all year

I spent 400 VC from our girl Friday and saturday. best pulls we’re diamond kawhi and two diamond contracts. I have the absolute worst pack odds of anyone I’ve seen. Best pulls all year were two unlimited broys in a pack. Thank God for sniping because I have every 200k plus card I can think of except Bron and limited broy.
I don’t think the odds are ever “good” but believe what you want. Maybe they were good for me that one time but starting to think even trying to pull is pointless.

I think pack odds are trash in general. My pulls have been horrible all year too. Got lucky this time. Just looking at 2klabs pack odds will help counteract some of the juiced odds you see in here. Just criminal how bad odds are

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Everybody seem like they got lebron or pippen.there are so many in the auction house. This was by far the best pack odds that i pulled i bot one lebron but altogether like 4 or 5 LeBrons and 2 pippens.