How is the new LeBron?

Has anyone used the new diamond LBJ for a while? Any thoughts? Does he feel athletic enough?

I know you’re thinking about it because we were let down without packs today. Don’t do it.

Obviously, but he doesn’t look that bad. Driving layup, draw foul, 3pt, free throw, it’s all there…

Animations trump ratings in this game. His shot is wet, he dunks just fine, and his defense is solid. Make sure to get a shoe with ball control so he can speed boost. I wouldn’t pay more than 200k for him. It should be awhile before the pink diamond comes out from the anniversary packs, so his value should be ok for a month or so.

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He’s going for 360k+.

200 on PS4.

On ps4, I think he’s around 200k.

Seriously? God damn.

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Does he have the signature dunk package or trash like the sapphire?

I only tried him in one triple threat game last night, but his dunks seemed really good in freestyle. Solid animations that wouldn’t get blocked.

Oscar >>>>> LBJ.

I never use Oscar, simply hate his square afro. Besides, he’s a PG :slight_smile:

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My super bron, i wont, but i could legit play him at center

GL with that LP defense and strength against Kareem, Mutombo, Timmy or Wilt. And all 4 can hang out with him outside.

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So what is he like? Any comparison to last year cards?

86 strength, 91 block, 98 shot contest, gold rim protector, he holds his owns against the bigs

No point in using Bron in 2k unless it’s at PG. At least in my opinion.

He isnt as fast as any of last year cards, but he does everything else, 83 ball control doesnt let him speed boost but it does give him quick between the legs dribbles, i dont use speed with ball because the best he can do is lay it up, which always doesnt work with someone in the paint, so i focus on posting him, getting fouls, getting mismatches and using him in pick and roll at both spots

I dont run him at the 1 because i like for him to leak out on the break, but i do mostly call plays with the ball in his hands

I am just struggling to believe that he can play C though. The second most important stat there is too low, he is too small in comparison to them and no rim protector or defensive stopper active against them (bar Duncan).