How is Stephon Marbury?

I know that some people have him and I’m thinking of starting the grind.

It’s smarter to grind TTO and get someone like Fat Lever who’s better and progress towards PD market.

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Checked his stats he has only a 79 3pt like all the other midgets.
Not sure if he worth the grind

Grinding online is good advice if you can win a lot more than you lose. Unfortunately, I only win one out of 5 games :cry: I win around 90% of the time in TT offline.

And last night I got the loss in the one game that I would have won when my opponent quit after they fell behind by 10.

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Well he has a 79 3pt rating and not tall, can’t dunk and a 78 perimeter defense without clamps and defense badges.

Get rose, he’s great and fun to play with…