How is Rashard Lewis?

I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on him. Do all those cold zones affect his shooting that badly? Is his release fast or slow? Does he board well enough at the 4?

He’s decent but let’s just say if he was in the token market and not a requirement card to open pd, he would have 0 redemptions.


He is solid.

Shooting is inconsistent because of cold zones, even with great timing. Release is slow, but money for me because I loved using him when he was in the league in 2K. Same form he has always had.

Post D and perimeter D are both decent. Rebounding is decent.

His driving/dunking is surprisingly good.

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Surprisingly good finisher, I like his release. Defense is ok. Height is nice, I give him Rim Protector and Hustle Rebounder and get away with running him as a stretch 4 but he is also good to play SG.

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Good D, drive and finishing game is solid, shooting is great. The biggist issue i have with Rashard is that some games he will go off for 30 and feels like he can’t miss yet the very next game he will 1-12 and you are doing nothing different


I love him, I ran him in my team all last year so I’m use to his shot and it can be consistent when you really Learn it. I run him at the 4 with defensive badges and shoes and he is great a lot quicker than most at that position.

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I would rank him 4th out of the :gem: rewards.

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I’d take him over peja, there’s already good SG’s put there not many PF with limitless range

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He’s got a really smooth jumper

I notice that too, seems mad inconsistent for me

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His consistency is ridiculous, i haven’t checked but does he have wildcard?

Just checked. No wildcard but I know what you mean. When he’s hot, he’s scorching, but when not it’s really not.

Do you think those cold zones make much of a diff?

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cold zones are only -5 right. Only issue is he’s stiff

I’ve never felt like they make much difference in previous 2k’s but maybe they ramped it up in 19?