How is PD McAdoo?

Being a native of western new york and a Knicks fan i feel i owe this man a shot atleast, only thing that really bothers me is the 45 speed w ball. Has anybody here used him? Im also not bothered by size and low three ball. Is he fun?

Haven’t played him this year but he doesn’t make much sense. The nicest thing about him is that he’s defensively and very athletic.

You could think of him as a taller Draymond who is a little faster, not quite as good a defender, and without even Draymond’s shooting, but with potential to be a good presence inside on offense.

But he doesn’t have HoF post scoring badges, or HoF defense badges.

I’d rather just play Maurice Lucas, I think.

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I just picked him up for my all time Clips team. Bunch of rim rockers down low.

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How are the dunk animation’s and is he slow as dirt w the ball? Like can he move atall?

He seems like a super Clint Capela that can hit cutters with passes. If that’s what you want, he be that.

YBC uploaded gameplay w him…lob city is all I know for sure…

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Thanks! Watching now lol

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His dunk animations are nice. He caught an oop over Marc Gasol

His dunk animations crazy

I actually really liked his Amethyst in 2K17, he was surprisigly good at PF. But this year’s card looks a little underwhelming tbh


Yes, he was a beast. But he had way more swb.


Yeah that’s the huge difference maker. The cards that year were also less OP in general so he was more usable

So what’s the verdict ? Is this one useable. ?

I just picked him up for the Sixers squad, he looks really nice in that vid. I’m having a hard time deciding between purple Kyries and white Kobes for him. I can hit 3s at a decent rate with him in shoot around, and don’t really plan on shooting anything but wide open 3s with him, so I’m leaning Kyries for the extra speed so I can potentially use him at SF or SG for the post advantage.

2k always disrespects Bob McAdoo. He use to shoot off the dribble a lot and had a lot of range. I don’t know why 2K gives him a 45 open 3 and then goes ahead to give Kareem a 75.

He was like a Kevin Durant’s ancestor and a two time mvp. But we all know 2K hardly watches the game.


I’ve used him in a few Unlimited games now, and the move is putting a speed shoe on him and running him as my backup SF. You just destroy guys in the post, it’s like an instant dunk. Really happy with him, got him for 100K.


The passion that this card has combined with mine and my Grind is exceptional. I picked him up for 100 and do not regret it. If he has speed with ball he would be a top 5 card on the game. And his jumper is butter.


Is he a nice 4 to pair with Hakeem & shooters?


I dont think my ocd would allow me to run him at sf lmao

His fade away is probably the worst I’ve used