How is PD Kareem so cheap?!

I knew he dropped this weekend but I was away. He just sold for 138k on ps4. What?!

People don’t know how to use the post… No 3


He can’t shoot 3’s so people think he sucks.

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Lol what a joke. I’m bidding on one now. Damn.

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Because he’s trash

How was the card trash for you?

He can’t shoot 3’s, it’s so dumb.

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Nah but seriously, he’s disgusting. I have the limited version and I just abuse kids online. Go watch @EarvGotti’s post on him. Some of the post moves he uses are what I use and they’re unstoppable.


I just have the regular and he’s stupid

He’s like a rodeo bull that was fed energy drinks for 12hrs running

What’s the difference with the limited version?

Trash card, should be bin…


More Hof badges

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:eyes: I see what you’re doing

More HOF badges, especially hustle rebounder and defensive stopper.

Carlos: me no Kareem: post fade brick brick, hookz brick brick, no 3 poinnterzzzz omg fax brick brick!?!


To many correctly spelled words lol

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