How is PD Durant at PF?

I was going to run him at SF but now I’m thinking about also getting Kawhi and running KD as a stretch 4.

PD TMac, 98 MJ, 97 Lebron, 97 Bird, 98 Kareem
PD TMac, 98 MJ, 98 Kawhi, PD Durant, 98 Kareem

He’s best at PF imo. Hes too fast, too good of a shooter for traditional pf’s to defend

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I run him at the 4 he’s a god. Never turning back.

Perfect at the 4

I’ve been running 98 at the starting 4 for this whole season of supermax. Around 70 Games so far and I think he’s only been abused once or twice.

He’s way too fast and good of a shooter for almost any true 4.

I imagine the PD would be the same or better for you at the 4

I played him at the 4 until I acquired PD Davis and now run him at the 3. I think it really depends on your LU. I was actually surprised at PD Durant’s ability to be an impact on the defensive side at the 4. He blocks a ton of shots, and often looked like a Pogo stick to be honest. On the offensive side he will pretty much blow by most any 4 with his quickness, but he can typically do the same at the 3 as well.

The only downside at the 4 is that his rebounding is adequate but not great when playing against stronger 4s. He also struggles a little in the post if you choose to back down large 4s (Has a 70 strength rating). Though most are not playing inside out BB these days and it does not matter much. I guess it comes down to preference because he is good at the 3 and 4. I play a bit more in the post than most and wanted more strength and rebounding at the 4 so I moved KD to the 3.