How is myteam on 2k20 this year?

How is myteam on 2k20 this year?

Hey guys I took a break from 2kg after 2k19 and haven’t touched 2k10 at all. I was planning on picking it up when it goes on sale. Wondering how 2k20 compares to 2k19?

You guys having fun this year?

Yo bump

Not much lol


Very much lol

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Would have been better if the evo cards are more easily achievable.

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Maybe you should try to free demo to have a quick overview of the gameplay.

In 2k20 MyTeam there is a lot of offline grind and evo grind. If you play a lot you can grind MT easily.

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Seems like evos are the main change? Kinda like power ups in madden or is that completely different?

Its kinda a cool idea to begin with and it gives you chance to earn quick mt by evolving the card and flipping the card for profit.

But 2k been nerfing these evo cards by raising the requirements for evolving the cards. Most of the cards released these 2 weeks you wouldn’t want to touch them lol

It’s like this.
They give you all these ways to earn tokens and you can easily get to diamond, almost pink diamond just doing all the doms.
So 297 dom stars later you use your tokens on cards that don’t compare to AH cards. Then cards you do redeem they release a better version of it. And the best reward is sapphire 7’7 goblin that everyone has
You do get PD Shawn Kemp. Pretty sweet right? Until you see a silver or gold with twice as many badges. (Badges are worth more than attribute points this year)
Then you get bumped by point guard while driving to the basket and lose the ball.
Now you go to MTU with your squad of on paper killers to Get out ran by Rajon Rondo and struggling to score against a guy using the most effective offball 2-3 zone with a 7’7 big manning the driving lanes. The big man has 25 overall speed, but runs faster than most your players.
If you do start winning the game ppl panic and just switch defenders and spam steal everytime you pass, which is probably the most effective cheesing method I’ve ever seen. Then they take there fastest player and just sprint out of the inbound to beat your team (that jog walks back on defense) to the rim. You’d think that they’d sprint out of bounds on accident, but they don’t bc there’s an invisible wall there that redirects them automatically.
Ammy Kobe Bryant is the last boss on Mike Tyson’s punchout. 40 ft three? No, problem.
Then you run into a streamer that has everyone on their stream message you during the game.
They added a ‘disable collected card’ to the auction house. It works great and really boosts your ego bc once you turn it on nothing shows up. Where’s my Opal Anthony Davis? Amirite? Amirite?
You also have to type in a secret code to find the lowest bin of the player you want.


bro I lol’d so hard reading this :smiley:

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