How is Mo Lucas?

I forgot that I am one game away from him since late November when I got CWebb, so I played it today. Thoughts? I know @Knezius liked him. I would put him on the bench and move AK47 to SF, kind of fed up with Granny Danger in last days, I am not utilizing him on offense that much and he isnt the best defender.

Definitely shouldnt replace anyone in this line up

He seems like a solid inside player and awesome defender though.

I call him the Blake Griffin stopper

he is but he has a terrible base that no matter what pulls him into a 2pt shot. Hes slow and he doesnt have great post moves. Hes just solid all around, doesnt really excel at one thing. I just think AK / Cwebb and all your otehr bigs are much much better

I’ve only had hike for 5 games but I feel safe calling him the PD Blake stopper. I’d personally run him at the end of the bench just for his Hof defensive badges. He also does suprisingly well again hedo, but the sample size is small.

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Cut 15 horns alley bro, you need to cut it!

Great defense, Draymond release so take that however you want. He has cutter plays which as @Knezius has mentioned is nice but you already have AK47 for that. I’d only use him if you’re in need of MT and sell off Granger otherwise I would not use him with that lineup.

IF hes moving AK 4 he can use both tho.

I was thinking about moving Granger, maybe trying Pierce again, didnt like him before. I also still have Giannis somewhere in the collection, I think.

I thought he was really nice and shot really well from 3 with him, probably one or two a game and shot about 55% from three (off wide open looks). His jumper was super easy to green for me.

and you might as well sell granger because he still goes for a shit ton of mt and apparently there is a “big drop” tm. Also, a lot of this anniversary series collection are small forwards, so you can always buy one of them when they come out.

he’s a solid budget player. He has all the same animations as Draymond Green. I like him but ultimately he’s a slower Draymond with less playmaking/shooting and more post scoring/better badges.

Hmm. What are you thoughts on Pierce, guys?